Fruit Picking Adventures

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Hi Guys,

The weather has been amazing in England recently (and by amazing I mean it’s only rained like once a week) but that’s England for you. And for my birthday I wanted to make the most of it and do something I don’t get to do in Dubai.

When I was younger my mum used to take me and my sister’s fruit picking all the time, and I remember how much I used to love it. So when I came across an article about the best pick your own farms in England, I just knew I had to do it again.

We went to Parkside pick your own farm in Enfield, (find the website here) and it was amazing. It was super easy to find with google maps and the drive down was beautiful. You could choose your own size basket and pick any product you wanted. They had all kinds of berries, fruits, and vegetables, and they all tasted really good. We picked strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, spinach, and a courgette, but the farm had a lot more than this. The place was busy, but not too busy, and the produce was plentiful. After our fruit picking, we sat down in the farm and had some ice cream. It was truly a great day out and I would totally recommend getting out to a pick your own farm this summer, while the good weather lasts.

Here are some of the pictures we snapped while at the farm! Enjoy 🙂

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Little Miss Expat 

FullSizeRender 17

FullSizeRender 3

Just a small snippet of the HUGE farm

FullSizeRender 4

My sister holding those yummy raspberries

FullSizeRender 6

Freshly picked spinach

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Ohhh Heyyy… : Breaking the ice with old friends

Hi Guys!

So as you know I’m back in London for the summer, and for me, that means one thing. Socializing with old friends. Now don’t get me wrong, I miss my friends all the time, but I know better than anyone that after three years of not seeing each other, meeting up can be a little awkward.

I met up with two of my old school friends yesterday, and I loved spending time with them, but it’s not always that easy. It can sometimes be awkward to spend time with someone you haven’t seen for a while. So this post will give you some ideas on how to break the ice with your old friends.

Firstly stick to what you know: Catch up with your friend, tell them what’s happening with you and listen to whats going on in their life too. This is a good opportunity to get to know them again and to have a normal friendly conversation.

Ask about their family and friends: Talking about your old school and what’s new in the community is always a good idea because it keeps you updated on your old life. It’s also nice to check in with your friend and ask them how their family is doing, let them know you remember the small things.

Reminisce about old times: If all else fails this is the way to go. It’s always fun to laugh at old memories or to cringe over old pictures of you guys. It will bring you closer together as well as make your meeting less awkward.

All in all, these are just some ideas on what you can do with old friends to catch up. Because being an expat means that you have to maintain friendships with people even when there’s an ocean between you. I hope these tips help you when you see your old friends. What are some of your tips for breaking the ice?

Little Miss Expat

How To Explore A New City as an Expat

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Hi guys,

So today I wanted to post about something that’s relevant to you guys in summer. Since I know most of you guys are off school and some of you are traveling. I thought that I would share with you guys a few tips on how to explore a new city, but being an expat changes the way you do this. As I mentioned in my last post (here) being an expat opens up your horizons, and can lead you to have a more exciting holiday.

  1. Stay away from the touristy spots: For me, this is pretty important. When I travel to a new place, of course, I want to see all the famous sites and monuments. But I like to try and find more local places, like restaurants, street art, or something unique to this country. As an expat, you’re so used to living in a place that has not necessarily been your home for a long time, that you know what it’s like to explore a new place and this is easier for you.


    Stumbled across this lemonade stand when we were walking around Lisbon. Just an example of what you can find, when you avoid the touristy places 😉

  2. Pinterest is your new best friend: Any time I find out that I’ll be traveling to a new place the first thing I do is search it up on Pinterest. This kind of relates to the first point, because this allows me to see the best guides, or the best places that not many people know about, or even the best photos I should take (because let’s be real, we all need good pics to post on Instagram) It’s just so convenient to have this information all in one place. Screenshot 2017-07-13 14.50.08
  3. Walk everywhere: I can not even tell you the number of cute boutiques or restaurants that I have come across by just walking down a street. I think it’s important to walk around the streets of the place you are visiting because you come across things you wouldn’t otherwise see, and it keeps you healthy. (because we all eat more than we should when we’re on holiday)


    While walking down the streets of Lisbon, we came across an alley that led to this amazing view of the whole city. See what you can find when you just start walking?

  4. Talk to friends before your holiday: This is something that I’ve started doing more recently. As an expat, lots of my friends in Dubai have traveled to some of the same places as me, and they have good tips on what to visit or some hacks I should know before visiting. For example, when I told a friend that I was going back to London for the summer she gave me a place to visit that I had never seen before, which turned out to be a great day out.

    FullSizeRender 2

    Found this beautiful lavender garden thanks to one of my friends back home. 

  5. Enjoy it: You’re in a new place, doing new things, savor every moment of it! Even if you don’t get to do everything you planned to, or you forget something at home, focus on the positives and enjoy your trip.



I hope these tips helped, let me know what you think! Where’s the next place you’re visiting (mine’s Seattle)

Little Miss Expat

3 Reasons Being A Teen Expat Is Great

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Hi everyone,

So to start off my blog I wanted to pick out some of the benefits of being a teenage expat because let’s be real here. We all have those times when we feel homesick, lonely, or we just wished our lives were different. But trust me being an expat is a great opportunity and I’m gonna show you why.

Reason 1: Your horizons are broadened. By living abroad and moving around you have experienced more changes in a few years than some people do in their lifetime. You understand people of all cultures and you can empathize with them. You’re more aware of what’s going on in the world, and more educated about different cultures and countries. It is a HUGE advantage to be able to experience this as a teenager and a privilege that a lot of people don’t get. 


Reason 2: You have friends and connections all over the world. I think this is one of my favorite things about being an expat. Wherever you move to, you’re bound to meet people from different places and different cultures. I can be sitting eating lunch at school and next to me there will be a girl from Turkey, a friend from India, Palestine, Denmark, South Africa, South Korea (to mention a few). This way not only do you build connections all over the world but having friends from different places also builds you as a person. Your mind grows and you start to realize things that you wouldn’t have before.

pexels-photo-269850 (1)

Reason 3: You get to travel the world! This last point is sooo important. For me I love visiting new places and being an expat allows you to do this more. Of course, you travel home for the holidays, but you are also more likely to visit new places. By being an expat you’re already more open and adventurous when it comes to things like travel because your horizons have already been broadened. And you’re probably going to be able to visit different places all over the world.

I hope you can relate to the reasons I mentioned. What is your favorite thing about being an expat?

Little Miss Expat