How To Explore A New City as an Expat

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Hi guys,

So today I wanted to post about something that’s relevant to you guys in summer. Since I know most of you guys are off school and some of you are traveling. I thought that I would share with you guys a few tips on how to explore a new city, but being an expat changes the way you do this. As I mentioned in my last post (here) being an expat opens up your horizons, and can lead you to have a more exciting holiday.

  1. Stay away from the touristy spots: For me, this is pretty important. When I travel to a new place, of course, I want to see all the famous sites and monuments. But I like to try and find more local places, like restaurants, street art, or something unique to this country. As an expat, you’re so used to living in a place that has not necessarily been your home for a long time, that you know what it’s like to explore a new place and this is easier for you.


    Stumbled across this lemonade stand when we were walking around Lisbon. Just an example of what you can find, when you avoid the touristy places 😉

  2. Pinterest is your new best friend: Any time I find out that I’ll be traveling to a new place the first thing I do is search it up on Pinterest. This kind of relates to the first point, because this allows me to see the best guides, or the best places that not many people know about, or even the best photos I should take (because let’s be real, we all need good pics to post on Instagram) It’s just so convenient to have this information all in one place. Screenshot 2017-07-13 14.50.08
  3. Walk everywhere: I can not even tell you the number of cute boutiques or restaurants that I have come across by just walking down a street. I think it’s important to walk around the streets of the place you are visiting because you come across things you wouldn’t otherwise see, and it keeps you healthy. (because we all eat more than we should when we’re on holiday)


    While walking down the streets of Lisbon, we came across an alley that led to this amazing view of the whole city. See what you can find when you just start walking?

  4. Talk to friends before your holiday: This is something that I’ve started doing more recently. As an expat, lots of my friends in Dubai have traveled to some of the same places as me, and they have good tips on what to visit or some hacks I should know before visiting. For example, when I told a friend that I was going back to London for the summer she gave me a place to visit that I had never seen before, which turned out to be a great day out.

    FullSizeRender 2

    Found this beautiful lavender garden thanks to one of my friends back home. 

  5. Enjoy it: You’re in a new place, doing new things, savor every moment of it! Even if you don’t get to do everything you planned to, or you forget something at home, focus on the positives and enjoy your trip.



I hope these tips helped, let me know what you think! Where’s the next place you’re visiting (mine’s Seattle)

Little Miss Expat

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