Back To School – The Expat Edition

Hi Everyone!

So, the back to school season is here! I know, summer has gone way too quickly, I feel like it just flew by. I’ll be writing a few more summerish posts for you guys soon, but I thought I would focus on a back to school post today because I know some of you are already back, and need some support during this tough, tough time.

When I first started this blog my intention was to help teenagers and teenage expats all over the world, and that’s still what I want to do. So in this post, (I’m warning you) I’m just gonna get down to the writing and give you a post that means a lot to me, and I hope that is helpful for you guys!

Around three years ago this time of year, I was unpacking in my new house and getting ready for my first day of my new school. This was the first time I was a new kid, and I was scared. After all, the back to school season is scary enough without having to be a new kid. On my first day as an expat in school, no one talked to me, no one showed me around, and I went home and cried. Now, this obviously reflects a bit about the school I went to, but I’m sure that loneliness and fear are things that all new kids can relate to.

In this post I’m going to share with you a few tips on going back to school, whether you’re a new kid, or a returning student, I hope these help you!

Before you go to school, meditate – Okay, so that probably sounds a bit weird, and I don’t mean meditate as in sitting cross legged, with closed eyes, repeating ‘ommm’. No, though that would be very fun. I mean spending a bit of time coming to terms with going back to school, thinking about what you want to achieve this year, and planning out what you are going to do. Because there’s nothing worse than going to school having no idea what you’re doing.

Be organised – Two words, so simple. If there’s one key to success in school or any workplace it is definitely to be organised and know what you’re doing. Being a new student this is even more important because you don’t know how things work yet so you need to be organised and ready to adapt to the environment.

First impressions are key – Whether you’re a new student or a returning student meeting new people, first impressions are very important. These are what people remember you by. My top tip? Be polite. No one likes a jerk, and nothing bad ever came from being polite. People will remember you in a positive way if you do this one thing.

Remember no one’s born popular – If you’re new, don’t spend too much time worrying about popularity. It’s practically impossible for everyone to like you, let alone do it on the first day. Honestly, it’s way more important to be yourself and to have friends that appreciate you for you.

Don’t get too upset – I know first days of school can be bad, remembering that you have a whole year ahead of you doesn’t help either. But when you think about it, nothing is really as bad as it seems. We always make things out worse in our heads than they really are. School is great, and even though it may not be fun during every single moment, it’s an experience that will get you somewhere in life, so make the most of it.

These are just a few of my random tips to help you with back to school. They really came from my heart, and trust me they come with a lot of experience with being a new kid.

Please let me know if you agree with my tips, or have any others?

I hope that you all have an amazing school year! And I wish you all the best of luck!

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Little Miss Expat

7 thoughts on “Back To School – The Expat Edition

  1. Anna Morgan

    I’m going to a new school soon and I’m TERRIFIED of it. I’ve been to an open day for it and everyone is soooo different to the people I know now! I’m definitely going to try out he meditation one (also I’m a new reader of your blog so thats why I’m a bit late hahah)


      • Anna Morgan

        Thank you for replying! It probably won’t be so bad as I’m imagining it to be and I promise to tell you about it. I’d love to do something for this blog but I’m not sure what I could do as I’ve only recently started reading blogs 😁😁😁

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey Anna, I really do hope it goes well for you! I was thinking we could do an interview for other new students and their first days of school? But only if you want to. Just drop me an email and we could work something out (as you probably don’t want to write your email here)


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