What are we doing to the Earth? – Earth Day 2018

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April 28, 2018

Hi Guys,

With it being Earth Week, I wanted to share some of my thoughts and explain a bit about why I’m certain we all need to make changes in our lives, to save the earth from what we’re continuing to do to it.

No matter where you come from, your race, your religion, your background, we all live on this Earth. We all eat, sleep, and breath, in the same place that our ancestors have, and I would say will continue to (but you never know with science…) If the struggle of what we’re doing to the planet can’t bring us all together, then I don’t know what will.

I’m currently taking a World History class, and one of the things I find interesting is that looking back at history, the things people struggled with seem crazy when we look at them from this far away. We find it unimaginable to believe that just centuries ago people struggled with things such as communicating with each other, when we can just whip out our phones today and send a text. And who knows, maybe 100 years from now the next generation will look back to this time, and be thinking, ‘how did they even struggle with the environment?’ or they could be thinking ‘what did they do to this earth?’ It’s up to us to make the changes so that hopefully they don’t think the latter.

This earth, the beautiful earth. That gives us food, water, places to live, resources we need, and holds ourselves and our families. What do we give it back? Nothing. Instead, we slowly break it down, stripping it of its natural resources, watching animals become extinct, and see natural wonders being broken down or destroyed. And we STILL can’t do anything? We make such an effort to speak up about indifferences around the world, in school we were all taught to speak up against a bully, and that ‘being a spectator is just as bad as being the executor’ yet we’re all doing exactly doing. We’re all watching each other destroy this planet without speaking up or taking action.

I’m not here telling you to all go vegan or to completely stop using paper, but it’s really the small changes that add up. With the UK planning to all ban plastic straws, and Q tips they’re using so much less plastic, and it’s just a small change in peoples lives. Or by stopping the sale of disposable plastic water bottles at your workplace or school, you’re cutting down on so much plastic usage. It’s the small changes that you make in your life, that wouldn’t seem like a lot, that really start paving the way for a difference.

Think about waking up in a world where the skies are grey every day with pollution, where rivers are brown and filled with garbage, where no fish or marine life swim, and where the last ice cap has melted. What could we do? There’s no getting the environment back. What’s done is done.

In light of Earth Day 2018, I’m also looking at changes I can make in my life that support the environment. Such as trying to eat vegetarian one day a week at first, looking at more sustainable ways to buy water (as you can’t drink tap water in Dubai) and buying containers takes a lot of plastic, strictly limiting the amount of disposable plastic I use (shopping bags, plastic cutlery etc…), and also trying to find reusable sandwich bags that  I can take my lunch in to school, instead of using plastic every day. What are you going to do to make a change?

There are so many resources available online that give you ways to support the environment, or statistics showing what will happen if we don’t do anything. I hope you all take a look at some of these, and make some small changes to help save the Earth. I would love to hear of anything you’ve done for Earth Week, so please leave a comment!


See you next week!

Little Miss Expat 

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