Back To School Advice You Need To Hear!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing summer, wherever you spent it! And I really hope you enjoyed reading about my summer adventures and reading all the content I created for you guys! With it being back to school season, I wanted to share some important pieces of advice for going into this school year. But… I thought it might be interesting to hear what other people have to say as well! I asked a few other bloggers/Instagrammers what their number one piece of advice for going back to school is, and I compiled them into one huge back to school advice guide! They all had great advice to share, and even as I was putting this guide together I found myself thinking, wow… I should do that this year! So I hope you find this guide as useful as I do!

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Ellen (Elle For Life Blog) – ‘My number one back to school tip is this: no matter what, understand that in the end, everything will be okay! I used to suffer from anxiety and would often have panic attacks in school on a weekly basis. However, nowadays, whenever I feel panicked, upset, or just stressed in general, I try to remind myself that in the end — regardless of whether that’s the end of a big project, the last day of the summer, or heck, even my future graduation from college — I will be okay. That B you got on that one paper isn’t going to singlehandedly determine whether or not you get into college, nor will that ~one~ time you fell down the stairs during the first period make or break your reputation at school. So take a deep breath, keep your head up, and persevere on.’

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Peyton (Patience and Pajamas Blog) – ‘When it comes to back to school, and education in general, the best tip I can give to anyone is that if you want an education, there is always a way. Maybe things don’t work out the way you planned, maybe traditional schooling doesn’t work for you, maybe you can’t physically attend school, maybe you need accommodations; there are so many maybes! But at the end of the day, no matter what level of education you’re talking about, whether your goal is to make it to high school, graduate high school, get into college, or beyond, there is always a way. It may not be an easy way, and it may not be a traditional way, but if you are passionate about education and receiving the best education possible, there are three things to remember. Remember to advocate for yourself and your needs, use your resources, and that there is always a way. I’ve been in hard positions, and I’ve had my struggles with education. My passion for learning fuels me to continue to pursue my education, but without advocacy, knowing and using my resources, and fully believing that there is always a way, I would not be where I am today.’

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Natalie (Capturing Life On Camera Blog) – Plan out your outfits the night before! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been late because I had been having a full-on fashion show in my closet. I think the most times I have changed outfits in the morning is at least 5. Save yourself the hassle and choose your outfits and backup outfits the night before. Choose a backup outfit that you know looks good on you and is comfortable just in case your first outfit doesn’t work out




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Liddy (@itsliddystyle) – I would say my number one tip for back to school is definitely don’t be afraid. This can mean not being afraid of branching out, meeting new people, or even taking new classes. And even if you are afraid, my favorite saying is ‘fake it till you make it!’ I say this to myself all the time to push me to get out of my comfort zone.




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Elina (Just So Elina Blog) – Homeschool, Public School, Online School and Private. They may all be different, but the one thing they all have in common is the need for self-motivation. Yes at school your fortunate enough to have teachers, to help keep you accountable. But at the end of the day, your education is just that: YOUR’S. So it’s up to you to make it a priority no matter what type of schooling you do. Now don’t get me wrong I am definitely guilty of getting distracted on my phone or daydreaming in class (apologies to all my primary school teachers!) So I find having a vision of what I want to achieve from my education, like becoming a journalist; very helpful. As that way, I have something I love to focus and keep me motivated. While doing something I may not love so much *cough maths*.

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Taiya (Taiya Maddison) – My biggest tip for back to school would have to be… just simply be yourself. It’s cliche but it’s so true. When you are truly being yourself you will be the happiest and you will attract the right people for you! School can be super intimidating at times, but as long as you stay strong in your beliefs and values and be yourself, you will be just fine.





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Olivia (Absolutely Olivia) – Go into the new school year being completely yourself.  This sounds so daunting, but a new school year is more of a fresh start than some think, so use it as a time to build on yourself and how the summer might of changed you.  No longer want to wear the same outfits you always have? Dress how you want!  Have your interests changed? Take the classes and join the clubs you want!  Want to meet new people or be more social?  Go to sporting and other fun events!  Being uniquely you and embracing who you are can lead to an exciting and fulfilling school year.  Obviously, there are always gonna be haters out there, but try not to let them get to ya!  Being yourself is the best way to live, and just remember: people don’t care nearly as much as you think.

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And of course, a piece of advice from me! My number one tip for going back to school would be to go in with a positive attitude and an open mind! If you go back to school with a positive attitude you’ll be more likely to learn more, have a good time, and enjoy yourself, even though you might still wish you were on summer vacation. Go back to school with a positive attitude, taking everything as it comes, and making the most of every situation.


I hope you enjoyed reading some back to school advice from lots of different people! And that you found the advice we shared useful and interesting. What’s your top tip for going back to school? Comment it down below!

See you next week,

Little Miss Expat

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‘Welcome that feeling of foreignness!’ – #ExpatWisdom – The Home Wanderers

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the first post in the Expat Wisdom project! I am so excited to have so many of you involved in this project, sharing your stories and your advice with each other! The first story in this project is from Kate Johnson, from The Home Wanderers. In this post, you can read about her story and her pieces of advice for any new expats, travelers, or international students. I hope you enjoy reading what she has to say!

Hey everybody, my name is Kate and for me, the question ‘Where are you from?’ is very difficult to answer… I was born in England, l grew up in France and I have now lived and worked long-term in 5 different countries – So I am definitely a person who has plenty of experience being the ‘foreign’ one in the room!

Living abroad adds such a different and unforgettable dimension to traveling that a quick vacation can never provide. I find that the best way to learn a new language, experience a different culture and grow as a person is to completely immerse yourself in a new country. At the age of 13, my parents told me and my brother that our family was moving to the South of France. With (VERY) little knowledge of French and no idea what to expect, I look back on that time and I cannot believe how brave I was at such a young age. I battled out the rollercoaster of struggle and adjustment and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without that experience. Since then, I have actually craved that feeling of being out of my comfort zone. Stepping away from your home comforts, relationships and sense of familiarity forces you to meet new people from around the world, embrace adventures and the lessons you learn about yourself are endless.

Living like a local for an extended period of time gives you a window into a completely different way of life and you learn so much more about the world around you, but IT IS NOT EASY. The tough times that come hand in hand with moving abroad can often take you by surprise which in turn make you feel even more lonely or unsettled. Read up about other people’s experiences, seek support from Facebook groups and know that you are NOT ALONE when feeling the unavoidable emotions that you will experience.

My number one piece of advice for anyone moving abroad is to NOT BE AFRAID. It may be easier said than done but if you wake up every morning and actively set your mindset to WELCOME that feeling of foreignness and the unknown, then the sky really is the limit. For more advice and resources for those living abroad, check out my website:  or follow me on Instagram:

ks (1 of 1)-32I hope you all enjoyed reading Kate’s story and hearing her advice for anyone moving away from home. Her story is very similar to mine, and it was interesting to see what her most valuable advice is. I really enjoyed collaborating with someone and having the opportunity to share another inspirational story on my blog, and I hope that it’s something that you guys like reading!

Let me know in the comments section if you enjoyed this kind of post. It was the first in the #ExpatWisdom project, if you don’t know what it is, you can read all about it here. If you would like to be a part of the project, email me at or dm me on Instagram @Little.Miss.Expat. I hope you enjoyed reading someone else’s story and hearing their advice!

See you next week!

Little Miss Expat

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I want to hear your stories! – Special Announcement – THE #ExpatWisdom PROJECT

How many of you have ever been through something and wished that you had someone beside you to help? Ever wished you had a community where you could talk about your experiences, share your advice, and help others going through what you’ve been through?

That’s how I felt when I first became an expatriate, I really wished I knew someone who had done this all before and someone who could tell me that everything was going to get better. That’s why I created this blog, I wanted to be that person for other expats and teenagers, I wanted to share my experiences in order to help others.

It’s been a little over a year since I started this blog, and the community we’ve created has grown to become something beautiful! I write about my experiences and try and share my advice, and you guys share your stories and your advice in return. It makes me so happy whenever I think of the relationship I have with you guys, and the internet friends I’ve made from this blog. That’s why I wanted to expand this into something larger that can reach more people, I wanted to build a larger community.

If you’ve been following my Instagram (@Little.Miss.Expat) you will have seen that I’ve been hinting at a big project that I’ve been working on for a while, and this is it. The #ExpatWisdom Project.

I wanted to create an online space where people can write about a life experience that impacted them, and share their advice with others from all across the world. An online community where we can reach people from all seven continents, and hear about each others own unique experiences and how we made it through them. It’s called the #ExpatWisdom Project, and it’s going to be amazing!

You don’t need to be an expat or a blogger to be a part of this community! I want to hear about YOUR experiences, whatever they may be (however a lot of them will be about expats)!

If YOU want to be a part of this project:

  1. Go to this page, or fill out the form at the end of this post which gives me your contact information and an idea of what you want to write about.
  2. We’ll get to know each other and I’ll ask you to write a bit about your experience and we’ll collaborate in a post.

Ways YOU can get involved!

  • Post about this initiative on your social media using the #ExpatWisdom. As this is a community and we want to share it with as many people as possible!
  • Fill out the form or contact me at to be featured or at least start the conversation about being a part of this project!
  • Share this page with someone who may have something to share or want to be a part of this, we want to hear from everyone!
  • And stay tuned on this site for the first  #ExpatWisdom post!

I am so excited to be launching this project and to able to create this global community! But I do need your help, share this post or the #ExpatWisdom online, so that we can grow this community and share as many experiences as possible! I really hope that you all consider being a part of this community, and sharing an experience and your advice. The first Expat Wisdom post will go live next week from a very special writer, so stay tuned for that!

You can find all the information about this project here

I can’t wait to see the amazing things we do with this project!

Little Miss Expat

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The places you NEED to try in NYC

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer weather! If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@Little.Miss.Expat) you will know that I’ve been spending the past few weeks around the East coast of the United States. So far I’ve been to Washington D.C., New York, Newport, and I just finished a summer school course in Boston. I learned so much at the course, and I can not wait to share a lot of it with you guys! I’ve absolutely been loving my time in America so far, and I’ve come across so many hidden gems that I want to write about! So I decided to put together a guide to some of my favourite places in New York City, and if you like it, perhaps I can do some more for the other cities I visit this summer.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit New York quite a few times, but I don’t think I had ever experienced it to the full extent that I did during this trip. I LOVED it. As I’ve said, I love being around nature, but I’m also a city girl. I’ve grown up in two large and bustling cities: London and Dubai. So it’s no wonder that I enjoyed the experience of being in New York. I stayed in SoHo, which I think is the most ‘happening’ and alive neighborhood because there are so many cool things close to there! Before we arrived in New York I had a rough idea of all the places that I wanted to visit while we were there. But I discovered so many more during our trip! In this post, I’m going to share all of the interesting places I visited with you guys. Obviously, there are many more spots in New York to visit, but these are the ones I’ve personally been to and would recommend to you guys.

Cha Cha Matcha

You guys know I am a matcha addict! I’m not a huge fan of sodas or coffee, but give me a matcha latte and you’ll win me over!!! I had seen Cha Cha Matcha all over Instagram before I went to New York, and it had always been on my list of places to try. And let me tell you it was not disappointing… they had every kind of matcha drink you could think of. I decided to get the matcha soft serve ice cream, as I wanted to try something different, and it was soooooo good!

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The Matcha Bar

So this was also another matcha place which I loved! What is it about New York and all these matcha spots??? They had a window bar on Crosby Street, where you could place an order for any kind of matcha infused concoction or sweet treat, and enjoy it on a bench outside.

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Dig Inn

So I discovered Dig Inn for the first time this summer and I am so happy I did. It was delicious! I’ll always opt for a local and fresh option if there is one, and Dig Inn was so convenient for this! Basically, they cook up a bunch of options daily that you can create your own bowl out of. Such as rice, grilled vegetables, salmon, etc… It’s a nice option when you need something more filling than a salad, and you’re out and about.

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By Chloe

I had read about By Chloe before coming to New York, and I was intrigued to try it. It’s an all-vegan restaurant, but their food is just as adventurous and delicious as any other place. I was surprised to find myself eating a burger, fries, and Mac & Cheese that was all vegan and tasted so good! It was definitely an experience, and it sold me on eating more vegan options in the future.



Completely vegan!!


Sweetgreen is one of my all time favourite places to eat at when I’m in America. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically the best salad restaurant you will ever go to. You can pick one of their options, or make your own salad with their fresh ingredients. I also love getting their iced jasmine tea along with my salad.

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Jacks Wife Freda

So I had heard so much hype about this place and naturally, I wanted to go check it out! Let me tell you the rosewater waffles were AMAZING. The one I went to in Lafayette was quite small, so be sure to be ready to wait or get there super early if you want a table.


The Butchers Daughter

This little breakfast spot was sooooo cute and is fully vegetarian (and has lots of vegan options). We went to the location in Nolita which had plenty of outdoor seating for a nice summer day, and the food tasted really great!



If you’re going to try one of the breakfast spots on this list, it should be this one. IT WAS AMAZING. They are known for their bagels here and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. According to my sister and dad, the smoked salmon here is the best they’ve ever had, and I personally loved their breakfast potatoes. It’s in a super trendy setting, and the breakfast options are all so fresh and taste great.

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They’re well known for their bagels, and there’s a reason why…

Georgetown Cupcake

So I’ve been to their stores in Georgetown, NY, and Boston because I absolutely love their cupcakes! They’re so light and fluffy, and they have a lot of interesting flavours. I would totally recommend checking out the store, but be ready to queue as it gets super busy.

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Dean and Deluca

So technically this is a deli, not a restaurant, but I would definitely still keep it on my list! On nights where everything was busy in NY, my family and I got a selection of salads and snacks from Dean and Deluca and had a little feast in the garden. I like how they have daily dishes that taste really great, and they’re convenient for anyone on the go.


So that wraps up my eating guide to NY, and all the places I tried that I would definitely recommend. I hope that you try some of these places, and let me know if you do! Also comment down below what your favourite eating spots in NY are as well!

See you soon!

Little Miss Expat

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