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While the expat life is thrilling and full of excitement, it sometimes really does feel like the chapter closes at the beginning of summer. How do we switch from one routine to another? How do we switch from one time zone to another? How do we switch from one language to another? It’s like we’re in limbo, not really belonging anywhere for a couple of months until our fellow expats return home. How do we juggle these two worlds and close the chapter of this year? That’s what I hope to share with you in this post. Like any high school student, I spend my year dreaming about summer break, but it is hard to say goodbye to my home for the whole of summer break. Here’s how I deal with it…


My family and I were on a mission to find authentic Thai food, and I had read some reviews about the Issaya Siamese Club, so we decided to try it. Often times I’ll research a restaurant and persuade my family to try it, and it ends up being terrible. This was NOT one of those experiences. The Issaya Siamese Club is set in a beautiful garden in an old-style villa and the decor inside is fun and colorful. Some of the dishes on the menu even feature herbs grown in the garden!


It’s no secret that Dubai gets extremely hot in the summer! A lot of people think of Dubai because of the beaches and waterparks, and when summer rolls around they think the only indoor option is going to the mall. But whether you’re taking a trip to Dubai or you’re staying here over summer, there are loads of really fun indoor activities to do around Dubai to keep you entertained. Here are some of my favorites!


Some of my most favorite posts to write on this blog are my travel posts. I love being able to share the interesting places I’m able to visit and give my recommendations to you guys. In return, I also enjoy hearing your recommendations for any new place I’m visiting! In this post, I wanted to share one of my favorite breakfast cafes from my trip to Australia.