About Me

Welcome to my blog, I hope that you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them. With the increasing amount of expats that every new year brings I decided to create a space where I can share my tips about being a teenage expat, and where you can ask me any questions about being an expat. So consider this blog a guide for a teenage expat.

To tell you a little bit about myself I am a teenage expat (of course). I moved from my home in London to Dubai, almost three years ago now. When I look back at it, it was hard picking up everything and moving, but I know I wouldn’t change a thing now. But throughout my whole move, I wished that I could know if other teenagers felt like I did, and how they dealt with moving. So here is what I had always wished for…

In this blog, I will write about a range of things. From tips on how to move, how to deal with a new school, a new life, how to settle into a new place, and just general things you might want to hear about, but most importantly I will just be a friend you can rely on, and hopefully I can share some of my expat wisdom (?) with you guys. So whether or not you’re an expat or a teen, welcome to my blog!

Little Miss Expat

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