The reason I wanted to share this interview was to hopefully inspire all of you to take environmental issues into consideration regardless of your interests, lifestyle, or experience. I love hearing real innovative stories like this one, and it leaves me motivated to work even harder for these issues I believe in! It’s a great opportunity to hear from a company like Evolve Organic Beauty first hand! I am also giving away one of their Organic Skincare Bestsellers Gift Set at the end of this post so stick around to learn how you can win it.


I was brainstorming ideas on how to make sustainability accessible to you guys in a fun way, not something you see all the time, and it hit me! Why don’t I link sustainability to something I already write about a lot: travel! My travel posts are some of my most popular posts, and while I won’t pretend to be a perfect human, whenever I’m on a trip I always make a conscious effort to make environmentally cautious decisions. I know as well as you guys that it can be really hard to be sustainable while on vacation, you’re not in your home and you don’t have access to the resources that you usually do, but that is why I want to create these travel guides for you: to make sustainable travel a little more accessible.


No matter where you come from, your race, your religion, your background, we all live on this Earth. We all eat, sleep, and breath, in the same place that our ancestors have, and I would say will continue to (but you never know with science…) If the struggle of what we’re doing to the planet can’t bring us all together, then I don’t know what will.