Summer Favorites

So summer is really truly coming to an end *cries* but this summer has been a great one and I have definitely checked off a lot off my summer bucket list!

To wrap up the summer I wanted to share a few of my summer favorites with you because this summer has been quite a minimalistic summer for me and I have stuck to the quality over quantity rule. In other words, I’ve found a few products that I absolutely love and those are all I’ve been using. So… since I love these products so much I thought it might be cool for you guys to see them!

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Back To School – The Expat Edition

So, the back to school season is here! I know summer has gone way too quickly, I feel like it just flew by. I’ll be writing a few more summerish posts for you guys soon, but I thought I would focus on a back to school post today because I know some of you are already back, and need some support during this tough, tough time.

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Shoes & Shopping

So today I wanted to share with you something really cool I recently got in the mail! Being an expat means that you sometimes miss out on things back home, and have to wait till you get back to receive them. Something that I always do is order a bunch of packages to be delivered to me when I get back to London because there are some things that are easier to get in London than Dubai.

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How To Explore A New City as an Expat

Hi guys,

So today I wanted to post about something that’s relevant to you guys in summer. Since I know most of you guys are off school and some of you are traveling. I thought that I would share with you guys a few tips on how to explore a new city, but being an expat changes the way you do this… click to read more

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