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Hi everyone! Welcome back to another post in the Expat Wisdom series! This week I’m really excited to share the expat story of Elina (@justsoelina), which is quite similar to my own. Her experiences are raw and real, and I think her advice could be very useful for any other teenagers going through a move. Here’s a piece that she wrote for the Expat Wisdom project, I hope you enjoy it!


I hope you all had an amazing summer, wherever you spent it! And I really hope you enjoyed reading about my summer adventures and reading all the content I created for you guys! With it being back to school season, I wanted to share some important pieces of advice for going into this school year. But… I thought it might be interesting to hear what other people have to say as well! I asked a few other bloggers/Instagrammers what their number one piece of advice for going back to school is, and I compiled them into one huge back to school advice guide! They all had great advice to share, and even as I was putting this guide together I found myself thinking, wow… I should do that this year! So I hope you find this guide as useful as I do!


This week I have a little surprise for you, I have teamed up with Little Miss Honey to create a really fun and entertaining post for you guys!

When we first talked about a collab, I was unsure what to do, as I didn’t want to do something boring that you could find anywhere. I finally decided on an ‘expat would you rather.’ In this post, you will see several ‘would you rather’ questions, directed at expats, answered by both Little Miss Honey and me. I’ll admit, some of these questions were really challenging, but we did our best to answer them all for you. Enjoy!