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I’m sure the idea of environmental protection is not distant to you; our feeds seem to be filled with articles, photos, and videos regarding environmental protection, as awareness is spreading. We feel good if we follow an account who claims they create a product from recycled materials, but do we really know why they do this? Why it’s so important that we recycle? That we save water? Electricity? For most people, the answer is no. We feel fulfilled enough with the little scraps of information we get from the headlines about climate change and rising sea levels, but we don’t really know how this will impact us, and we don’t bother to do anything because we feel like we can’t make a difference. So we continue to live in our naive bubble, telling ourselves that we’re doing enough by watching others tackle environmental problems when all around us the earth is changing, and we can’t undo that change.


No matter where you come from, your race, your religion, your background, we all live on this Earth. We all eat, sleep, and breath, in the same place that our ancestors have, and I would say will continue to (but you never know with science…) If the struggle of what we’re doing to the planet can’t bring us all together, then I don’t know what will.