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On the first day of school every year, we always go around the room and you have to introduce yourself with your name, where you’re from, and a fun fact about yourself. I dread this activity. Apart from never knowing what to say for the fun fact part, I never know where to say I’m from. If you asked me what my passport said, I would say the UK – although I haven’t lived there for five years. If you ask me where I live, it would be Dubai – although I don’t hold a passport from here. If we were asking in terms of my school, I would be American – although every time I visit America it’s on a tourist visa. If it was where my parents were born, it would be Tanzania – although I’ve never lived there. If you were asking me about my ancestry, I would be a mix of Middle Eastern, Indian, and African. If you were asking me where I see myself in the future, I would not even know what to say… This question is so complicated to me – and any other expat – that it’s impossible to fit into a quick sentence. So how do we know where we are really from?


It’s not often that I get time to explore the country I live in, the UAE, and even when I do, I usually visit restaurants or attractions within the city. However, this week when I had a few days off school I knew I had to spend them exploring something out in the desert.

I had read about the ‘ghost village’ or ‘abandoned town’ in Al Madam and I was curious to see it myself. So my family and I got in the car, drove up to Sharjah, and decided to search for this ghost village.


This weeks blog post is another from the Expat Wisdom series! I’ve been working with Sixtina from Six Miles Away blog to share her expat story. Her blog is a heaven for any traveler or expat, as it’s packed with travel tips and stories, I could honestly spend hours reading it all! She was even kind enough to interview me, and write about my expat story on her blog, incase you wanted to take a look at that! 


Welcome back to another Expat Feature post! In case you don’t know, the Expat Wisdom project is something I set up so that expats from all across the world can share their stories and advice with each other. This week I have a really exciting story to share with you all! I’ve been working with Nat from Nat Functional, her blog is a place where she shares her thoughts in a really interesting and fun way (seriously, it’s one of the coolest blogs I’ve seen) and she’s an expat who grew up in Tottington, near Manchester, and now lives in Abu Dhabi! As well as sharing her expat story in this blog post, I also asked her to share a bit about something else in her life, that might interest you guys! And that is… her career story. As well as reading about Nat’s expat story and advice, you can also read about her career journey and advice for you guys. The Expat Wisdom project is all about sharing our own unique stories and providing advice to help others, and I know that I can learn a lot from Nat’s story. I hope you enjoy this post!