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When we can’t control a situation, I believe the best thing that we can do, is to control our mindset – if we adapt our cognitive interpretation of the event we can receive the best possible outcome of an event. Most of the time this means thinking with a more optimistic perspective. But how do we actually do that? It’s easy enough for someone to tell you to be more cheerful, be more optimistic, look for the silver lining, but it’s easier said than done. In this post, I’m going to take you through what it means to have an optimistic outlook and how to cultivate one.


This weeks blog post is another from the Expat Wisdom series! I’ve been working with Sixtina from Six Miles Away blog to share her expat story. Her blog is a heaven for any traveler or expat, as it’s packed with travel tips and stories, I could honestly spend hours reading it all! She was even kind enough to interview me, and write about my expat story on her blog, incase you wanted to take a look at that!