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I spent the past week in rural Morocco getting my Wilderness First Aid certification and helping out a local village with medical check-ups. It was such a humbling experience and it makes me realize just how lucky I am to have the medical safety net that I do. I love these kinds of experiences – being able to help people with the opportunity I have and actually making an impact on their lives.

I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with people during my trip and learning more about medical care; so much so that I didn’t take many photos while we were staying in the village. I still want to share the photos that I was able to take with you, as I think they show a completely different side to Morocco – a side that I wasn’t able to portray in my previous posts from when I visited last year.(here’s my post from last year) The village we visited is called Sbiti so the first few photos are from there, and the rest are from the two days we spent in Marrakesh before we flew back to Dubai. I hope you enjoy!


One of the things I love about being an expat is all of the travel opportunities I get! Living in a place like Dubai, there are so many places to explore which are only a short plane ride away. Back in November, I got the chance to visit Morocco with my school, and I’ve been wanting to share this blog post for a while. We spent a week traveling around the country, but we got the chance to visit a city that I had never heard of before. 


A couple of months ago I visited Morocco for a photography immersion experience. It was honestly one of the most amazing trips I’ve been on, and I’ve been waiting to share some of my photos with you guys! I learned a lot about photography while I was in Morocco, and I’m proud to share this ‘Morocco through my camera lens’ post with you guys. I hope you enjoy my photos, and that they can give you a little taste of what my experience was like!


I just spent one of the best weeks of my life traveling across Morocco with 10 other students in a rickety old bus, taking photos and capturing moments.