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Hearing advice about the first day of school and how to stay on top of school work is useful, but after a while it gets repetitive! I’ll admit, I shared my own back to school advice in a previous blog post, but I think this post will be useful to a lot more of you. We all know how to stay organized and prepare for the first day back at school, but sometimes we need a little more…

I really don’t like seeing the summer come to an end, and I always make an extra special effort to do things that I love in September to make the whole transition back to school (or back to work, for some of you) a little less sad. I do things like making sure I get an early night, lighting my best smelling candle, and listening to my favorite music while taking a bath (sometimes I even whip out the Christmas music to cheer myself up if I’ve had a really hard day). It’s these little things that I do each day that I can look forward to after a draining day at school (I know that sounds a little dramatic, but school is hard!) that make the back to school season a little more bearable. That’s why I want to encourage all of you to have one thing planned for each day this September that will make you happy – a little treat that you can look forward to at the end of each day.