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September 23, 2017

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the Lisbon Photo Diary!

Over Summer I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Lisbon for a few days. It was really amazing and so different from any European city I’ve ever been to. There are a tonne of unique things to do in Lisbon, and I’m going to try and share them all with you in this post!

Firstly, we landed in Lisbon early in the morning and headed to the Time Out Market. I had read about this online, and I thought it would be a good place to start and get some food.

After getting a bite at the market, we headed outside and were met by a group of tour guides. Except… these tours were tuk-tuk tours. So unusual to any typical tourist-traps, we decided to try a tuk-tuk tour, as I mean it’s not something you see every day.


After cruising around Lisbon in a tuk-tuk for a while, I started to get a feel for the place. One of my favorite things about the city was the small, quirky streets. Filled with people and cobbled stones, the whole city was bursting with culture.


Lisbon is a city of art. One of my favorite things were the walls, every building was covered in ornate tiles, from top to bottom. There were also amazing street art murals on the side of buildings.




As we drove up the winding, narrow streets of Lisbon, we stopped at many viewing points. The views were breathtaking, as you turned a corner the city opened up beneath you.


At the top of a viewing point, we stopped for some fresh lemonade, fruit, and custard tarts! Custard tarts or pastel de nata are a Portuguese specialty and they are DELICIOUS.




With the history, culture, and hidden surprises of Lisbon, we continued to have an amazing trip!








I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my trip to Lisbon! Have you ever been? What’s your favorite city that you’ve traveled to?

Let me know if you guys enjoyed this kind of post by leaving me a comment!

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