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November 11, 2017

Hi Guys,

So this week I decided to write another ‘Hidden Gems of Dubai’ post, but to change it up a bit. I’ve gathered some of my favourite activities in Dubai and put them into a day plan. So whether or not you’re a tourist, or you live here, here’s a small guide to a super exciting day in Dubai!

*Note: This day plan is most suitable for the cooler months in Dubai, as a lot of the activities are outdoor.

Starting the morning with the Ripe Market: Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE the Ripe Market. It’s literally my favourite place to visit on a Friday morning, because of the happy atmosphere and the amazing food 🙂 There are lots of food stores with healthy options for breakfast, as well as individual stores selling little bits and bobs. I usually go to the one in Za’abeel Park on Friday mornings, but there are quite a few Ripe Markets throughout the week. It’s a brilliant place to chill out and enjoy a walk while spending time with friends and family. IMG_8755IMG_8756IMG_8763IMG_8764IMG_8774IMG_8775IMG_8803IMG_8805

Lunch at Boxpark: For anyone that is visiting Dubai, Boxpark is a must do. It’s basically a bunch of stores and restaurants, but they are made from shipping containers. It’s a really trendy area and tends to get quite busy in the evenings, so I recommend taking a look during the day. One of my favourite things to do in Boxpark is to see all the artwork on the side of the streets and to write on the huge chalkboard where you can leave a nice message. There are lots of eating options in this area, but one of my favourite lunch spots is Markette (Hi guys, I’m really sorry but Markette has recently moved. So don’t go looking for it in Boxpark. There are still lots of other eating options in Boxpark that you can try!). It has so many yummy options, and the servers are really friendly, I would totally recommend it if you’re looking for a bite to eat in Boxpark.


Kite Beach: Even after living in Dubai for three years, I still find it amazing that I can be in the city one minute and see the beautiful beach the next minute. Kite beach, hence the name is common for kite flyers, or parasailers etc… But there is also a running track stretching down the side of the beach, lots of restaurants and stalls, and plenty of sand to relax on. I would recommend going paddle boarding, as I did it once a few years ago and it was really fun. There are places where you can rent out all sorts of equipment and enjoy the ocean. After you enjoy some swimming and tanning, the view of the sunset from Kite Beach is the best in the whole of Dubai (in my opinion). It’s relaxing to just sit there and enjoy the breathtaking view as the sun hits the ocean.


Salt: If you’re still on Kite Beach and fancy some dinner, Salt burger is the perfect place for you. It’s the ultimate burger joint in Dubai, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular. Their sliders are AMAZING, and my favorite drink from them is the lotus biscuit shake which is soooo delicious. In the evening you can sit on the benches outdoor, or in the covered area, and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere full of people enjoying their food.


I hope you guys enjoyed that simple day plan for Dubai! Those are some of my favourite places to visit in Dubai, and I hope you try them as well. Be sure to tag me in any of your photos on Instagram (@Little.Miss.Expat) if you try any of these places. Enjoy your day!

Little Miss Expat

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  1. themaplebrit says:

    If I ever come to Dubai I’m checking out all these places – It looks beautiful. I love those markets 😍!!!

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