Decorating My Christmas Tree


December 21, 2017

Heya Guys!

Every year my family and I enjoy spending a festive day decorating our Christmas tree, and we take decorating pretty seriously. That being said this a really fun time for us, we wear Santa hats, put on our Christmas playlist and work on creating the most bedazzled tree you can find.

We usually get in a real tree and this year ours was 13 feet tall, which means a LOT of decorating to do. In our family, I’m in charge of ordering and choosing ornaments so when we open the box full of decorations I’m in my total design, creative mode. We’ve gathered lot’s of ornaments over the years, but last year when I started coming up with our ‘copper and blush’ theme we ordered a lot of them from Cox & Cox.  I think they have some really great ornaments, but if you’re looking for a place to buy tree decorations I’ve written about a few of my favourite places in my latest Christmas Preparation post, definitely have a look at them.

But enough about that here’s how our tree turned out this year!!!


There’s something special about having a real Christmas tree


The 13 ft tall wonder of a tree


First comes the lights…


I prefer to use warm coloured lights because I think it adds a more cozy vibe to our tree.



A copper coloured ornament from Cox & Cox


This ornament is made from folded paper, how cool is that?


These are some of my favourite ones, they’re a sort of textured grey colour with bits of copper peeking through.



These mirrored diamond ones create a nice effect as they reflect everything around them.



This ornament has such a natural look, which makes it blend in so well with the tree.


We collected this one from the Coca-Cola store in Orlando, isn’t the bear cute?



You can kind of see how the theme goes together in this photo…


Creds to my sister for posing for this photo 🙂


The finished look!


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