Finding a blue dream in Bangkok


April 27, 2019

Over spring break I visited Bangkok with my family, and as you will know if you follow my travels on this blog, I pride myself in finding the hidden gems of any place that I’m visiting and sharing them with you, but I have to give it to my dad for this time for finding this particular hidden gem!

The Blue Whale Cafe

Unseen, on a regular side street of Bangkok, you can stumble across the artsy charm of the Blue Whale. When you step through the door, you’re transported to a blue wonderland, complete with blue walls, blue decor, and most importantly blue food! (flavored from the blue matcha they use).

While I wouldn’t go here every day, it’s definitely an experience to try an entirely blue meal, especially right in the heart of Bangkok. Would you ever eat an entirely blue meal?


Have you ever been to Bangkok? And what would be your number one recommendation for someone visiting?

See you next week!

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