How to ‘Homify’ your living space


September 21, 2019

I am one of those people who loves spending time at home; I like my living space to feel warm and inviting. When I moved to Dubai and into a completely new, unfurnished house, I felt sad not having somewhere to go that felt like it was ‘home’. Yes, I had everything I needed in my room, but the space just didn’t feel like it was mine yet. I think it’s important to make an imprint on your living space and to make it a homely place where you can relax and unwind.

In this post I want to share my advice for ‘homifying’ your new living space; if you are an expat who just moved into a new house or a college student who just moved into your dorm room, here are my quick and easy ways to make your room feel like it’s yours!

Memories. I love printing out photos of family and friends, or a view from a really memorable holiday and framing them in my room. It’s nice to have that little reminder around the house of a great experience 🙂

Collect. It’s easy to furnish your living space with items from a store, but I think a place feels even more like home when you collect things from places you’ve visited. On one of my shelves I have small trinkets from lots of places that I’ve visited around the world, it makes the space feel like it’s a reflection of where I’ve been and the person I am.

Go Green. Did you know that green is a color that calms you down and makes you feel relaxed… or at least, that’s what I believe! Grab yourself some potted plants or a vase of flowers. Indoor plants can actually maintain humidity levels, produce oxygen, and filter air pollutants, what more do you need?

Books. This one might not be for everyone, but I personally love reading, so something that makes my space feel more like home, is having all of my favorite books on my shelf. There’s something about seeing stacks of books that makes me feel instantly welcome and at home.

Bright. Light makes us feel happy and energetic! How can you be sad when it’s sunny and bright? I think ensuring you get as much natural light as possible into your living space is crucial as it can definitely affect your mood.

Spaces for you. What are your needs? What do you like to do? Have some space in your room for something that defines you. It doesn’t have to be a big space, it can literally be a strip of the wall where you hang medals from races or a map of all the places you’ve visited, but I think it’s to have something that represents YOU.

Here are some of my recommendations of products that might help you ‘homify’ your new living space!


What makes a space a home for you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Stiina says:

    Love this! We are trying to get a new home and this post really helps me! <3

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