100 unique things to do during quarantine


April 18, 2020

It’s been around six weeks since my school was canceled and I’ve been at home. I thought I had done everything I possibly could… but then I came up with this list! I guarantee that there’s something on here that you haven’t tried yet. You can make your quarantine fun with these 100 activities!

  1. learn how to propagate plants and grow your own indoor jungle
  2. try making whipped coffee
  3. clean out that room that you’ve been putting off for years
  4. sort through your closet
  5. learn yoga
  6. try an online workout class
  7. try sunbathing on a balcony (if you have one)
  8. clap during thank you hour!
  9. have an at-home spa day
  10. zoom with friends
  11. make a journal
  12. take up knitting or sewing
  13. zoom with family
  14. bake a cake
  15. start scrapbooking
  16. sort through your camera roll
  17. learn how to do makeup
  18. take a virtual trip! (learn how to do that in my previous post)
  19. read a book
  20. listen to a CD
  21. binge-watch a TV series
  22. learn to do a handstand
  23. plan your post-quarantine outfits
  24. paint your nails
  25. do some art!
  26. bake bread
  27. listen to a podcast
  28. sort through those draws that you haven’t opened for years
  29. clean out your contact lists
  30. do an ‘Instagram cleanse’
  31. start listening to audiobooks
  32. start a puzzle
  33. finish that puzzle!
  34. solve a rubik’s cube
  35. if you have an old instrument, try playing again
  36. organize your pantry
  37. learn a new language online
  38. watch a tonne of vlogs on youtube
  39. write old fashioned letters to family and friends
  40. online ‘window shop’
  41. take a bath or shower
  42. do some meditative coloring
  43. build a fort in your living room
  44. take a nap
  45. make some tik toks
  46. learn origami
  47. watch an online concert
  48. take an online class
  49. have a virtual ‘bake-off’
  50. host a virtual birthday party for a friend
  51. learn one of ‘mum’s recipes’
  52. make dumplings from scratch
  53. learn to do the toosie slide
  54. spend way too long on Pinterest
  55. try redecorating your room – only to move everything back to how it was
  56. have a movie night with friends on ‘Netflix Party’
  57. play a video game
  58. sanitize your phone
  59. try something new with your hair
  60. use a sleep app to get a better sleep schedule
  61. create Spotify playlists for friends
  62. sort through the apps on your phone
  63. learn something new on Khan Academy
  64. play a board game
  65. try virtual karaoke
  66. make an at-home scavenger hunt
  67. try calligraphy
  68. upcycle old clothes
  69. discover a new band or artist
  70. start a blog or youtube channel
  71. sort through all those old phone chargers you have
  72. dress up as if you were going out
  73. pull an all-nighter
  74. embroider something!
  75. do an at-home photoshoot
  76. start making 1 second everyday videos
  77. rewatch an old series
  78. make a playlist for every mood
  79. replace the photos in your frames at home
  80. find out if you can do any virtual volunteer work
  81. enter an essay competition
  82. get in touch with old friends
  83. color code your closet
  84. play the rice game to donate rice to people in need
  85. recreate childhood photos
  86. start a collage wall
  87. open your window, breathe in the fresh air, and pretend you’re outside!
  88. watch your childhood favorite show
  89. dine by candlelight
  90. plan your first day out of isolation
  91. try on every item in your closet
  92. put on a play at home
  93. sort through your water bottle collection
  94. keep up with the news
  95. build lego
  96. pretend you’re in elementary school and paper mache something
  97. find a new blogger you love
  98. subscribe to an online magazine
  99. have a picnic in your garden
  100. learn to do a cartwheel

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay safe! And comment below something you would add to this list 🙂

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