Looking back at 2020


January 1, 2021

This year was a weird one for all of us! We were all touched by the pandemic and have seen our lives change a lot. And while this year wasn’t what I expected, I’m actually very grateful for some of the moments where I slowed down and appreciated the small joys in 2020. Of course, there were so many difficult and sad things happening in the world, but I also think that these challenges have taught me to be more resilient and open to change.

In this post I want to reflect back on what 2020 taught me, share some photos from the year, and talk a bit about 2021. I wanted to keep this blog post positive and focus on the lessons and happy moments, but obviously like everyone else there have been some really tough times this year.

Some thank yous

In 2020 I think I really learned how to be open to uncertainty. I am a control freak and I like to have everything planned out! This year I think I’ve really learned that I can’t control everything nor can I plan things out. I am really grateful to 2020 for teaching me how to be a little more spontaneous and enjoy the ‘now’ more than planning out the future. I’ve definitely learned to experience the joy in the moment instead of stressing out about what could happen.

I am also grateful for 2020 for giving me time to connect with the people I love. I think that I’m always on-the-go, ticking off something on my to-do list or planning for a future goal. This year has taught me to slow down and actually spend time with the people that I enjoy being with. I’ll forever cherish those weeks in lockdown where I spent everyday with my family, playing ping-pong, binging TV series, and cooking dinner. These are such valuable memories and I’m glad that 2020 taught me that spending time with people and enjoying myself is just as important as working hard and ticking things off a to-do list.

I’m also grateful to 2020 for helping me recognize the little things that matter. This might seem a little weird, but not having a big fancy graduation celebration and college experience have really sucked don’t get me wrong! But they’ve also taught me to be grateful for the small meaningful moments: car drives with my family, zooming with new and old friends, sunset walks. 2020 taught me that things don’t have to be play out how we always pictured them to still be perfect!

2020 through photos

Going to Oman for my last ever cross country tournament. This was literally weeks before we heard about the pandemic!
Nights out in Dubai before the pandemic started

Lots of sunset walks and bike rides during lockdown

A LOT of cooking and baking!

Re-designing my site and blog!
Graduating from high school!
Launching my store, Wildflower Studios

Summer memories and my 18th birthday back home in London

Starting online college and staying up all night doing classes
Launching my Wildflower Studios Christmas range and making all your orders!

Christmas and Thanksgiving with friends and family

I also did a fun ‘2020 Wrapped’ post on my Instagram @little.miss.expat so take a look at that for some fun!


I’ve never really been one to set new-years goals and stay up until midnight on new year’s eve! But this year I actually did stay up and I’ve set myself a few personal goals. They’re not big things I want to achieve, but more just personal wellbeing habits that I’d like to continue.

One thing that I’d love to do in 2021 is continue working more on my blog and perhaps change things up a little. I guess stay tuned for that…

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Have a wonderful start to 2021 and see you soon!

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