25 Things to do in the Dubai Summer


May 2, 2021

Summer in Dubai means sprinting from one air-conditioned building to another and pulling out the sunscreen and sunglasses. A lot of people assume that the only indoor activities in Dubai revolve around shopping and eating, but there are so many fun indoor activities to enjoy in Dubai! I wrote a post like this a couple years back where I shared 15 activities to do to escape the summer heat, but in this post I’ll share an updated list of 25 fun activities for summertime in Dubai. Whether you’re staying in Dubai this summer or you’re a tourist visiting, I guarantee you’ll find something for you on this list!

Time Out Food Market

This gourmet food market recently opened in Dubai and is packed with some of my favorites from the amazing fried chicken from Pickl to summer rolls from Vietnamese Foodies.

Ripe Market

One of my favorite things in Dubai! The Ripe Market has lots of fun food and crafts stores, and it’s a great way to support local businesses. They have an indoor market at Springs Souk, and an outdoor one in the evenings at Academy Park.

Climb the Burj Khalifa

This has to be one of the most touristy things to do in Dubai, but it’s worth a visit if you haven’t already! You can stop by Dubai mall before or after as well and watch the fountain show.

Glow Gardens

Dubai Glow Gardens kind of makes me feel like it’s Christmas time all year round. Take an evening trip here to walk around the most extravagant light shows!

iFly Dubai

Go indoor skydiving at iFly if you’re feeling like a daredevil!

IMG Worlds of Adventure

There are lots of theme parks in Dubai, but IMG is a fully indoor theme park, perfect for the summer heat.

Dubai Aquarium

If you’re in Dubai mall, take a trip to the Dubai Aquarium! You can observe the sea creatures or even purchase one of their diving experiences and get in the water yourself.

Desert Sunset

This is a classic activity, and one of my favorites. Drive into the desert, pick a sand dune, and enjoy the sunset views.

Spa Day

Dubai has a whole host of luxury hotels and spas to pick from, so why not pamper yourself and book an relaxing spa day?

Workout Classes

Working out may not be high on your list of fun summer activities, but there a bunch of fun indoor workout classes for you to enjoy this summer. From high intensity training at Orange Theory Fitness to a relaxing yoga class at Naya Pilates there’s lots to choose from!

Trampoline Parks

Take a break and jump around at a trampoline park this summer. Some of the most popular ones in Dubai are Air Maniax or Bounce.

Global Village

Take an evening trip to Global Village and enjoy all the sights to see! This is an outdoor amusement park with pavilions to represent each part of the world, with lots of shows, food, and activities.

Ice Skating

Take a trip to the indoor ice rink in Dubai mall to brush up on your skating skills!

Roll DXB

Speaking of skating… if you don’t fancy ice skating, why not try indoor roller skating at Roll DXB?

Indoor Skiing

Aside from having an indoor ice rink, Dubai is also home to an indoor ski slope in Mall of the Emirates. The perfect activity if you’re craving a cool getaway.

Green Planet

Yes, Dubai has its own indoor rainforest! You can visit and watch the animals, eat in the cafe, go snorkeling, and even camp overnight in the rainforest.

Shopping in Dubai

I mean, shopping may not be a super unique summer activity in Dubai, but you can’t hide the fact that Dubai is home to some of the world’s best malls filled with lots of shops, restaurants, and activities.


Speaking of the malls, Kidzania is located in Dubai mall and it’s kind of like a theme park replica of a real city where kids can try out different ‘jobs’ and earn money to spend around the city. It was one of my favorite things when I was little, especially because one of my ‘jobs’ was working in McDonalds!

Dhow Ride

Spend an evening on a traditional dhow ride across the Dubai Creek and soak in some of Dubai’s cultural history.

Museum of Illusions

Want to liven things up a bit? Mess with your head and take some crazy photos at the Museum of Illusions.

Planetarium Show

Look at the stars in a planetarium show put on by the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center. They also have other educational opportunities if you’re interested.

Top Golf

Ever since Top Golf opened in Dubai it seems like everyone has been going! This would be the perfect evening activity during summer with friends.

Alserkal Avenue

Take a look at some art galleries and exhibitions at Alserkal Avenue!

Smash Room

Need to get out your anger? Or maybe yoga and meditation doesn’t help you relieve the stress? The Smash Room lets you ‘smash the stress away’ by breaking lots of objects in a safe environment.

Arabian Tea House

Take an afternoon trip to the Arabian Tea House to try some traditional foods and experience a great view of Dubai!

And that’s it, 25 things to keep you entertained during the summer heat in Dubai! What else would you add to this list, let me know in the comments.

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