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June 14, 2021

This week I wanted to keep it simple and share some of my in-flight essentials with you! With travel becoming more normal again and it being summer, I thought that this post would be very relevant. I just travelled 14 hours and have several other long flights coming up this summer, so I thought I would share with you what I found most helpful on a plane! Stick around until the end to download a free carry-on packing guide!

A good book

Hear me out… yes watching TV and movies on a plane is fun, but if you get stuck into a good book, the time will just fly by! A good book can keep you entertained for hours, I love a good mystery or romance to pass the time.


I think socks often get overlooked, but I think they are key to enjoying a flight! I’m not talking about those small sports socks you wear onto the flight, but a nice fluffy pair of socks. I always take off my shoes on a plane if it’s a long flight, a nice pair of soft socks will make you 10 times more comfy!

Eye Shade

This is a must-do for a long flight! I’m a super light sleeper and if I want to have a chance of sleeping well on a flight I need an eye mask. There’s so many distractions going on in the cabin, and an eye shade can make all the difference in arriving refreshed or sleep-deprived at your location.

Hand Sanitizer

This is kind of obvious right now, but even during non-covid times it’s so helpful to bring hand sanitizer with you on a flight! You don’t know who has touched what on the plane and you probably have to touch a lot of surfaces in the airport while you check-in and go through security.

Lip Balm + Moisturizer

My skin gets super dry on a long flight, so it’s really important that I bring hand lip balm and moisturizer on a flight with me! Also it kind of feels like you’re pampering yourself throughout the flight.


Similarly to getting dry skin on a flight, it’s also super easy to feel dehydrated on a flight! I always bring my own empty waterbottle from home (which I then also use for the rest of the vacation) and then fill it up in the airport after security.


Not going to lie, most plane food grosses me out a little! I always make sure to bring a few snacks with me on a long flight just incase I’m stuck with something that isn’t too appetizing.


I always download a variety of entertainment before a flight such as movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, and audiobooks. A long flight can get super boring, so it’s always helpful to have a variety of options to choose from.


Seems like a given, but is often forgotten! Don’t forget to bring your own headphones or earbuds to connect to your device!


The most stressful thing for me is travelling alone when you don’t have a charger with you (especially when travelling to a new airport for the first time)! Be sure to bring your charging cables with you, and even better, a portable charger to ensure you’re not left stranded.

Small Pouch

For some flights it can be really useful to pack a small pouch that will fit a few essentials like your phone, headphones, and book, that you can hold on your lap during a flight. That way you don’t have to keep getting up to grab your items and you have them all securely in one place in front of you.

Travel Wallet

I got a travel wallet as a graduation gift and it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten! It’s so useful to be able to put your passport, baggage tags, and any other relevant documents in one place (especially now that we’re more likely to have more documents when travelling during the pandemic).


I recommend bringing a hoodie on a flight not just a crewneck sweater! I like hoodies because you can pull the hood up and lean your face against the window or other seat without feeling a bit grossed-out. It also feels a lot more cozy on a longer flight!

Here’s a packing list graphic I made to help you stay organized!

Those are some of my in-flight essentials for a long journey. Let me know if you have any others you’d recommend in the comments.

See you next week,

  1. Kate says:

    Haha I totally agree with the socks, I thought I was the only one doing it! Fluffy socks all the way! Super useful list! I always like to add my toothbrush to the list if the flight is overseas / during the night.

    • Little Miss Expat says:

      Oh yes a toothbrush is a good idea, I should add that to the list! Glad you liked the post 🙂

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