Spend a Summer Sunday with me in Georgetown


June 19, 2022

Since I’m in DC for the summer, I thought taking you on a perfect Sunday with me around Georgetown might be fun. If you’re in the neighborhood, here’s my guide on what to do for the perfect relaxing Sunday in Georgetown. My perfect Sunday is filled with all the little things that just make my heart so happy. I’m a fan of matcha, sun, books, and walking around, so this day is packed with those things.

Start off the day at Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee in Georgetown is located on the canal, which is a very picturesque first stop of the morning. On my perfect Sunday morning I’d get an iced matcha from Blue Bottle (their matcha is the best matcha in DC in my opinion) and then sit outside and read a book. Maybe I’d also take a walk along the canal, if you keep walking in the direction away from the monuments you get to a really green and lush area – I’ve even seen baby turtles there!

Head to Bridge Street Books

If you continue down M street towards Dupont Circle you will hit Bridge Street Books, which is a very cute bookstore jam-packed with lots of titles. My perfect Sunday would include browsing for a while and picking out a new book, preferably a cheesy romance.

Grab a Seat on Healy Lawn

With my new book I’d head back up to Georgetown’s campus with my new book and take a seat on the lawn to do some reading. Georgetown has the prettiest campus and I love how quiet and still it is in the summer. You can hear the birds chirping and the healy bells every 15 mins, my only caveat would be to remember to take bug spray with you because the mosquitos in DC in the summertime are ruthless.

Green Almond Pantry for Lunch

Green Almond Pantry is one of my favorite cafes in Georgetown and I think it’s a hidden gem! It’s tucked away on Grace Street (just behind M street) and they have the best Mediterranean food! I literally love everything on the menu and they have lots of indoor seating and some outdoor spaces too for a nice day.

Hot Girl Walk (or run) to the Monuments

What perfect day would be complete without a hot girl walk or run? After digesting my food I would take a walk or a run to the monuments. I love running past the waterfront and the Kennedy center on the way to the monuments on a Sunday; there’s so many families out and it’s so beautiful to see everyone chilling and soaking up the sun. Of course, you have to take a quick 0.5 selfie in front of the monuments to prove you were actually there!

Kayak or Paddle Board on the Potomac at Sunset

Rent a kayak or paddle board from the boathouse and catch the sunset from the Potomac. Just make sure you don’t fall in, because the water looks kind of gross. I think it’s such a fun way to end the day out on the water!

Dinner at Chaia in the Courtyard

One of my favorite dinner spots in Georgetown! Chaia is a vegetarian taco place and I would highly recommend – I think their kale and potato taco is amazing. They have a courtyard seating area on the canal which would be the perfect end to the perfect Georgetown Sunday!

And that’s my perfect slow summer Sunday in Georgetown filled with little joys! Let me know what you’d add to the list in the comments.

See you next week,

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