Weekend Trip to the Tower of London


July 16, 2022

This summer I’ve been working in DC, but I managed to get back to London this weekend and spend some time with my family. I absolutely love England in the summer, and I’m content just walking around, looking at exciting shops, and finding good places to eat. This weekend we took a little trip to the City, which is an area I never really visit in London.

My sister and my mum (shoutout to them) found out about Superbloom at the Tower of London, which is basically when they fill what used to be the old moat around the tower with wildflowers. In case you didn’t know, wildflowers are my favorite, I even named my Etsy shop after them! You can purchase a ticket ahead of time and walk through lots of different wildflowers, it’s really pretty up against the old stone of the tower.

Since we were in the area we also walked to Borough Market, which again is a busy site but I had never actually been there before! There were so many cool food options and I’d highly recommend!

We also stopped by St Dunstan in the East Church Garden, which are some ruins that are now a garden open to the public, which I had actually seen in a tik tok haha, and were really beautiful!

Anyways, here are some photos of our little exploration

Superbloom @ The Tower of London

The City of London

St. Dunstan Ruins

See you next week,

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