Life Recently: starting Junior Year


September 18, 2022

It feels kind of weird to write that title, because I remember writing these kind of posts in my Junior year of high school which seems so long ago now!! I can’t believe that was four years ago now – it seems like so much has changed but also like nothing has really changed.

Anyways, I thought I would just do a fun little post this week and share some things that I’ve been doing recently. Basically, this post was inspired by me scrolling through my camera roll and seeing what I’ve been up to lately.

Classes + getting back into work mode

I mean this one is pretty obvious, but as the semester has started I’ve been getting back into the class/homework routine that I didn’t have over the summer. In complete honesty I feel as though I’m kind of over classes and the whole midterm/final schedule but I know it’s important to stay on track these next two years. I love learning, but I hate the stress of exams! So yeah, that schedule and that routine of assignments and study groups has been something I’ve been getting back into.

Reading for fun

This is something that it makes me so happy that I’m still able to do! I love reading for fun, and last year during the semester I didn’t really read at all for fun because there wasn’t time. Over the summer I read so much, and now that we’re back into the semester I’ve been making a conscious effort to try and read most nights because it just puts me in a good mood and helps me wind down! I’m really happy that so far I’ve been able to keep up this healthy habit.

Different workouts

Again, this one is to do with healthy habits that I’ve been cultivating at the beginning of the semester who knows how long I’ll be able to keep them up for! I’ve been continuing to go for runs on my favorite trails around Georgetown, but I’ve also been starting barre classes again. In my freshmen year of college, which was completely virtual, I did barre two or three times a week and I loved it. I’m happy I was able to start this routine again and found a studio not too far away from campus! I feel like I’m putting a lot more time and effort into things that truly make me feel happy and nourished this year which is always good 🙂

Lots of outdoor picnics and study sessions

The weather has FINALLY gotten less humid here in DC and I am fully making the most of it before it gets too cold. I’ve been doing lots of outdoor picnics and hangouts with friends and have been sitting outside doing homework sometimes too. It just makes everything so much better when I get to spend some of my day outside in the sun!

Lots of homemade matcha and pizza

Since moving into an apartment this year and finally having a kitchen, I have been cooking so much more and having friends over for dinner. We’ve done a lot of homemade pizza nights which are super fun and I’ve been saving a lot of money this semester now that I’ve been making my matcha myself everyday.

Tea time with friends

Okay, another perk to having an apartment this year. I feel kind of old as a junior and there’s lots of adulting things going on at the moment, and sometimes I just want to be an old woman and sit in my apartment and drink tea and talk to my friends. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. We’ve been having little tea times in the apartment which has been such a great vibe and I know when it starts to get colder and more festive this will be the best 🙂

Farmers market and wholesome cooking

I feel like all of these are kind of on a similar thread, but I’ve been loving cooking wholesome and hearty meals recently, basically things that make me feel good about myself! I’ve been getting lots of fresh ingredients and I went to the farmers market the other week and I’ve been loving cooking up meals with all of these ingredients.

Lots of coding and lots of calculating

This is something that I don’t find as fun. No one told me when I became an econ major that I’d basically have to learn how to code?? But I have been spending a lot of time (probably more time that is normal) trying to teach myself how to code. It’s a little frustrating at times but I know it will be a good skill to have in the future.

Yep, that’s basically what’s been going on in my life recently! I feel like a common thread has been trying to find this balance and wholesome-ness while knowing that things are only going to get busier from here. But, we will see how it goes!

See you next week,

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