My New Bucket List


October 23, 2022

This week’s blog post is a little different but I thought it would be a fun one! I’ve written a lot of blog posts recently about how I’m planning to stay in the US after my college graduation, and ever since that decision I’ve started thinking about all the places I want to see here. In this week’s post I thought I’d put together my new bucket list of all the places I hope to travel to and see in the US! As an international, I feel like I never realized how many places there are to see in the US and how easy it is to travel from state to state. While I’m here I definitely want to make the most of seeing as much as possible!

1. California Superbloom

Photo by Pamela Heckel on Unsplash

2. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Photo by Andrew Wolff on Unsplash

3. Zion National Park, Utah

Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash

4. Redwoods, California

Photo by Maria Jose Oyarzun on Unsplash

5. Charleston, South Carolina

Photo by Leonel Heisenberg on Unsplash

6. Garden of the gods, Colorado

My photo 🙂

7. Maine

Photo by Savannah Rohleder on Unsplash

8. Crater Lake, Oregon

Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

9. The Outer Banks, North Carolina

Photo by Gene Gallin on Unsplash

10. Vail, Colorado

My photo 🙂

These are the places that are currently on my bucket list. So far, I’ve hit Vail, Charleston, and the Garden of the Gods. As you can see, there is a very nature prevalent theme in the places on my bucket list, I’m just looking forward to taking a step back from city and work life once in a while and visit these places in the future. Let me know in the comments if there are any you would add to this list.

See you next week,

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