New semester resolutions


January 22, 2023

I’m not really a big believer in new year’s resolutions; I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to set these high aspirations and change things around at the beginning of each year which sometimes get hard to stick with. I feel like I have pretty good habits that work well for me so I never really have super drastic resolutions in mind anyway. However, I do like to go back to the school year and make a few changes here and there that I think will make me happier and healthier!

In today’s blog post I just wanted to share a few of those new semester resolutions and hopefully hear in the comments about what people are trying to implement! I feel as though these are all adjustments to things that I already try to implement or are a way of making things that I already enjoy doing into a more strict habit.

My first new semester resolution is to find a workout routine and a balance of workouts that helps me to feel healthy and happy with my body. I really like running and I did that a lot last semester, but I want to try and incorporate other types of workouts in here and there like pilates, barre, or gym workouts. I think in general I just want to learn more about how to build out different types of strength and feel good about what I’m doing. I think this includes getting the confidence to branch out and try different types of workouts whether that be going to the school gym or going to different classes around Georgetown, as this is something that often intimidates me. We’ll se how it goes!

Another thing I want to work on this semester related to health is to try different types of recipes and make an effort to cook with different people. I think for a college student I do pretty well since I cook my own meals everyday which are usually pretty healthy. However, most of the time it’s just me taking a quick 20 minute break to stop and cook something and then eating for like 15 minutes before getting on with whatever work I’m doing that night. This semester I want to be a lot more intentional about trying new recipes and specifically taking a good chunk of time out of my day to cook and eat with people. One of the things that I think will help me with this is to cook with different people and schedule different social events around cooking for different people. For example, one of my roommates and I have a specific day each week where we pick a recipe, cook, and eat together.

Something else that I want to consciously put effort into this semester is kind of related to taking the time to cook meals and eat with people. However, in more general terms, I just want to focus on having less things packed into the days. Sometimes I just feel like the days get packed with lots of little things that barely leave me with any flexible time for myself. I want to focus more on not rushing from one thing to the next and scheduling less items into the day. This is something that I consciously started doing last semester, but I want to continue to improve it this coming semester!

Something else I want to focus on this semester is creating a more healthy sleep schedule and less anxiety around getting enough sleep. I’ve always had trouble turning off and sleeping and last semester that got to such a bad place where I felt tired all the time. I know that as the semester gets busier this will be hard to keep up, but I want to focus on setting those good habits right now so that it’s easier to fall back into them this semester when I need to.

The last thing on my list that I want to focus on this semester is making my space more of a relaxing retreat for myself. Since it’s winter and I can’t spend much time outside, I really want me and my roommate’s room to be a place that isn’t just where we study but somewhere more relaxing and calming. Whether that means consciously studying outside of my room and only associating my room with rest and relaxation or some other form of that idea.

Those are the things that I want to focus on and make a more conscious effort to include in my life this semester. Let me know in the comments what resolutions or changes you’re hoping to implement this year!

See you next week,

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