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July 30, 2023

My name is Yasmin and for the past six ish years I’ve written on this blog under the name of Little Miss Expat, but I think it’s time to introduce myself to you!

You already know the basics but here are some things you might not know about me.

I feel like I’m a caregiver at heart. I thrive when I’m taking care of someone or feel like I’m being helpful. Hence, starting this blog as my way to give back to the world with the little knowledge I have!

My favorite dessert is any breakfast food. To hit the spot right after dinner, I love to whip up some pancakes with nutella, a bowl of cereal, or Trader Joe’s honey yogurt with berries and granola. Pure bliss.

I hate wearing trousers. Ever since I was a child, I would cry every time I had had to wear trousers and to this day I do anything I can to avoid wearing jeans. Yes, even when it’s freezing outside I will wear a skirt.

The song Invisible String by Taylor Swift makes me feel so emotional. Google the meaning of that song if you don’t know.

I love anything green. Okay maybe not mold or green peppers. But in general, if it’s green, I’m unconsciously drawn to it. Matcha, houseplants, greenery/trees? YES. Quite literally most of my belongings are green, I even have a friend that refers to things as a shade of “Yasmin Green” and to be honest, I’m pretty happy to have that reputation.

I have a useless talent of making anything aesthetic. My friends always joke that they want me to post my Insta story first so that they can just repost mine or I’m always the designated photographer in the friend group. For my 21st birthday I transformed my college house into a dinner party fit for a wedding (which is the main photo for this post) and I feel like that was the epitome of this talent.

I’m such a homebody. Nothing makes me more excited than having a night to myself after a long week where I can blast some Lizzie McAlpine from my speaker, take a steaming hot shower, dress in comfy clothes, turn on all my lamps, light a candle, and read a book.

I’m a romance novel junkie. I go through maybe one novel a week or every two weeks? The holidays are my favorite time of year because I can literally just read all day and I love it. Immersing myself in a wholesome fictional world just makes me happy.

I’m a sweaty person. My close friends tease me about this a lot. Walking to class at a brisk pace? I’ll break a sweat. Don’t even get me started on when I workout or do hot yoga… Walking to the bus stop every morning this summer in the humidity and heat has been a struggle.

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. It’s always been my comfort series. I’ve listened to every Harry Potter audio book like 100 times. I could recite you any line or relay any detail.

I like to call myself a ~ vibe creator ~. Yes, this is a title I made up for myself. I’m always the person who will connect to aux and play their music and I like to think that I can read the energy of the room or the group really well and create the perfect vibe.

I’m a pretty sensitive person. Things really get to me and I find it hard to just forget about things and not beat myself up over them. It’s something I’m actively working on and trying to recognize that being sensitive is not a weakness!

I’m a clean freak. This summer, when I actually have weekends (no homework to bog me down) I spend like half of Saturday deep cleaning and sorting out my life and I love it. I feel so great when I have a clean space!

I like matcha. No, I’m obsessed with matcha. I feel like I’ve already made that abundantly clear on this blog so I’ll leave it at that.

I have big ambitious career dreams for the corporate world! But I could totally see myself doing something like being a wedding photographer or being an elementary school teacher for a small phase of my life.

I love a good walk. When I was little, my parents would always make us go on walks around our neighbourhood and I hated it, but now I’m such a big advocate for it. One of my favorite hangouts to suggest with friends is just taking a long walk talk; I have a friend who I always walk from Georgetown to the Lincoln Memorial with and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

I’m a memory hoarder. Or that’s what I’ve been told I am. I’ll save every little note, every card, every momento just because I don’t want to forget the moment! I have a board in my room where I put up all them up and routinely bring in new ones and stow away old ones.

I think I’m pretty funny. I love some good banter and someone to give it back to me. Some of my favorite moments about going home for the holidays is when my whole family is under the same roof and we just make each other laugh so hard we can barely breathe.

I find it hard to live in the moment and not stress about the future or get sad that this perfect moment is going to end. It’s something I’m working on but it sometimes gets the better of me!

The simple things really make my day. A random compliment from a stranger, witnessing a sweet interaction between two people, the sun shining down on me and someone singing on the street, that’s the kind of thing that will make my day.

I’m an accent switcher. I grew up with a British accent, but now I’ve been around Americans so long that I’ve developed an American accent that feels so natural. It’s a bit confusing when I’m around both Americans and Brits – I end up speaking in a weird mix.

I love serendipitous moments. I’m the kind of person that will believe in signs or coincidences. I feel like it just makes life that little bit more magical.

I’m a little scared but also excited. It was easy to hide behind the anonymity of this blog and say what was on my mind, and I’m a little nervous about sharing my whole self with you. But, I’m also excited to finally be myself with this wonderful community.

So with that, I hope you’ve gotten to know me a little better!

See you next week,

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