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January 28, 2024

If you’re an active user of Tik Tok (and I definitely qualify as an active user because I waste so much time on that app) you have probably seen the “I think I like this little life” trend. For those of you who don’t know, the idea is basically that there is this audio that says “I think I like this little life” and then people make videos to that sound with clips from their life. The general idea is to show those small and sweet snippets of your life, the things that might not seem crazy, but that you just enjoy. Honestly, it’s become a sort of cringey trend now and is overdone, but I don’t know, I still appreciate the general sentiment behind it! I like my little life out here in DC!

When I went home for the holidays, people kept asking me if I missed home and if I’m enjoying DC and I kept finding myself saying that I just enjoy my little life out in DC so much. I’m not sure how else to put it into words but “little life” is the only way that accurately portrays what I am talking about. The things that make my life in DC so special are the small things like the routines I have of walking to the monuments with friends, being a regular at my local coffee shop, seeing familiar faces around Georgetown, and just going over to a friend’s house for dinner. The things that make this little life so special are not necessarily the big things, but the small things that just make it so special to me.

So what’s my little life in DC?

Waking up early and padding downstairs in my blue slippers that say “relax” on them (my dad gave them to me because I apparently need to relax)

Opening the blinds in the morning, letting the weak morning sun in, and seeing the early risers out on the streets

Getting ready for the day and putting on a cute outfit – actually getting to dress for the seasons (because that never happened in Dubai)

Making my morning matcha in an empty kitchen and facetiming my mum

The walks to campus blasting Taylor Swift through my headphones and just thinking about how beautiful Georgetown is and how lucky I am to live here (so cliche I know, but Georgetown truly is the most beautiful neighbourhood)

The way campus is buzzing with people on weekdays and bumping into friends as I walk to class

Lying on a blanket on the front lawn of campus in the summer and seeing the snowflakes settle on the clocktower in the winter

Being a regular at my local coffee shop and spending many afternoons studying there

The satisfaction of feeling like I’m learning something even though classes and studying can sometimes be a lot

Sitting at my desk with my fairy lights on and a candle while it’s rainy outside

An evening run to the monuments and seeing the sunset on the Potomac

Cuddling on the sofa with friends and losing track of time laughing

Freshly baked cookies and a good catch up

Getting into bed early, drowning under my weighted blanket, and reading a good book

A random interaction with a stranger that leaves you smiling

That feeling when I get to the bus stop right in time to catch it (because the DC buses are notoriously unreliable) now, that’s a good feeling

Putting on some music and making dinner

And finally, sitting on my bed in my new fruit-themed pjs and writing this blog post 🙂

I really do love my little life out here in DC. Sometimes the days are busy and sometimes things get me down, but I love this thing that I built for myself! I feel so lucky that I have so many small snippets of happiness that I can list right here in this post.

So let me know in the comments, what do you love about your little life?

See you next week,

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