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Dear LME is a selection of posts I created where I answer the questions on your mind! I created this blog to be a place where I share advice on expat living, but I realized I wasn't always hearing your questions; I was writing blog posts about things I thought you would like reading about... but I didn't have a way to ask what you wanted to know.

That's why I created this section of my blog where I ask you to write in with your questions about expat living, being an international student, or a TCK. I'm here to help! Your question can be about anything you want to know about these areas, and I'll do my best to share my advice and my experiences. Think of it as an advice column specifically for expats!

To submit a question all you have to do is email littlemissexpatblog@gmail.com or DM @Little.Miss.Expat on Instagram and start the conversation with "Dear LME..." I look forward to hearing from you!

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