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A while back I traveled to Lebanon with my family and I never got round to sharing my photos online. Lebanon has always been a place that intrigued me, and living in the Middle East I knew that I had to take advantage of my location and schedule a quick trip to Beirut.

Lebanese food is one of my favorite cuisines, but other than the food I didn’t really know what to expect of Beirut. I was only there for a weekend, so I spent most of my time in the city discovering cool places; if I had the opportunity to go back I would take some day trips out of the city, as I have heard that there are some must-see attractions outside of Beirut.

I hope I managed to capture the essence of the city through these photos, so without further ado, here is Beirut through my camera lens…


I love taking photos of places that I visit, but most of the time I use a few of them in blog posts and I forget about posting the rest. Then suddenly two weeks have passed, a month has passed, a year has passed, and I’ve completely forgotten to share the photos and it’s too late! So, I thought that I would take the opportunity to show you guys some photos from my NYC trip in this post.

I think that photos portray things in a different way than words; you’re able to capture things that it’s hard to articulate, and an image can be peaceful, busy, and beautiful at the same time, it just depends on how the viewer sees it.