Dubai through my camera lens: a photo journey

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July 11, 2020

If you’re an oldie around here, you may know that I write photography blog posts for most places I visit titled, ‘(the country) through my camera lens’ where I share photos from my trip. In this post I’ll do the exact same! This one’s been a long time coming, because, unlike any other travel destination, Dubai has been my home for the past six years.

As much as I’ve grown as a person over my time in Dubai I’ve also grown a lot as a photographer! I think by now I have enough photos of camels and sand dunes on my camera roll to last me lifetime, so it’s time to share them with you! In today’s post I hope to share with you an essence of my life in Dubai for the past six years through photos. Hopefully you can see my development along the way! Think of this as a photo journey…

When I first moved to Dubai I missed the green scenery of my old home, but I’ve really grown to love the sand dunes! The sunset picnics I’ve spent out in the desert have been some of my best memories in Dubai.

Desert Roads

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Dubai definitely has the best sunsets! It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of the city or out in the desert, the views are still breathtaking.

I mean… this is what Dubai is known for! Our skyline houses the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa.

I’ve definitely been spoiled for choice in cuisines while living in Dubai!

I’ll miss living in a buzzing city like Dubai. Some of my favorite memories are driving in the city at night drinking in all the beautiful lights – it felt so magical.

Whether it’s visiting an abandoned village in the middle of the desert, or stumbling across a completely new place in Dubai. I’ve managed to leave behind some of my type-a personality and enjoy a spontaneous adventure once in a while.

Just driving out into the desert, and we came across this lake!
The abandoned village in the desert
Me trying to avoid stepping on camel poop

This one is hard to define with photos, but here are a few!

I’ll miss this city and I’ll cherish all the photos I’ve taken here. Let me know if you have a favorite of the photos that I shared! Feel free to take a look at some more of my travel photography posts here.

Also! The illustration at the beginning of my post is from my very own store, Wildflower Studios. Be sure to check it out on Etsy. I can do custom illustrations based on your own photos!

See you next week,

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