Wildflower Studios: launching my own store!


July 4, 2020

I’ve always loved being creative… I think that’s something you can see if you’re a regular reader of my blog. When lockdown first started, I was in the middle of taking an art class for school. I quickly learned how to create digital illustrations and I found myself spending all of my free time drawing and creating (and I had A LOT of free time during lockdown).

When Spring came around and I finally decided which college to attend, I started binge watching college room tours, college-move in videos, and home decor videos because, no exaggeration, I’ve loved decorating my own living space for as long as I can remember (seriously, I even have a Pinterest board with designs for my future home, and I’m only 17) I knew that my dorm room had to be the perfect space for me to relax and unwind especially since I would be so far away from my home in Dubai.

I started coming up with ideas for decor, and I decided that digital prints were the way to go! They look so great on a wall when framed and they make a small living space (because let’s face it, dorm rooms are tiny) look put together and sophisticated. I was also getting better at digital illustrations and had started doing personalized illustrations for some friends. I thought that they would be the perfect decor element to add a personal touch to my room!

And that’s where Wildflower Studios, my own digital art store, was born (or should I say bloomed?) I’ve created my own collection of digital prints that are effectively priced for students and are versatile so that there’s something for everyone!

I also sell custom illustrations in my store, where you can send me a personal photo and I’ll create a digital illustration from it. And on the same track, I also do custom product sketches, which are perfect for a product launch or new business!

One of my favorite products that I sell in my store is personalized digital stationery. When we were all at home during lockdown, I was looking for a way to say goodbye to my teachers and friends (because I had just graduated from High School) and I didn’t think that an email was personal enough. I ended up writing hand-written digital notes to my friends and teachers and sending them via email – people loved them! That’s why I created my own digital stationery where you can send me your message (which will remain confidential!) and I will handwrite it as a digital note. It still has a personal touch and it’s much quicker to send to someone if they live in a different country. It’s also safer and easier to do during the pandemic!

You can check out my store on Etsy here. Take a look at my products and let me know what you like! Drop me a message on my Etsy homepage if you have any questions. I’ll take you through a few of our products here.

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