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Despite having lived in two busy and bustling cities – Dubai and London – I love spending my time outdoors in nature. Sometimes that can be hard in Dubai, as during half of the year it’s too hot to spend a lot of time outdoors and it’s not the kind of city where you can walk everywhere unlike most European cities. However, I still manage to find lots of ways to connect with nature and in this blog post, I’m going to share them with you. Even if you don’t live in Dubai, this advice can still apply for any city!


I visited Paris a couple of days ago and it was AMAZING. I’ve been to Paris a few times before, but this time I think I can safely say I’ve fallen in love with the city!! From the sugar coma, I was in because of all the macarons, cakes, hot chocolates and pastries I ate,  to walking down small cobbled streets in St Germain, I loved every moment of it. One of the reasons the trip was so fun was because I got to spend time with a friend of mine that recently moved to Paris. (hence the ‘local’ part of this post) She showed me some of her favorite places to visit in Paris, and we got to chat and catch up over cups of hot chocolate and huge salads.