Things I did in London this summer


August 7, 2021

This summer I was able to go back home to London for a few weeks! Summer in London is my favorite time of year; when it’s sunny out, it seems like the whole city is alive and I love just walking around, finding good food, and sitting in parks. I thought it might be fun to share some photos of a few of the things I ate and did in this post!

Hampstead Pergola Garden

My younger sister took her senior portraits this summer, and we went to the rose pergola in Hampstead to take them. It was our first time visiting this garden, and it’s officially one of the prettiest spots in London in my opinion!

England’s Lane Cafe

We ate breakfast a few times at our favorite cafe – England’s Lane. They have great matcha lattes (a necessity in my opinion) and their cakes and pastries always look amazing!

Morning Run in Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is my favorite London park! We always go there for a Sunday morning run, but it would also be great for a cute summer picnic.

Iced Chocolate at Knoops

One of our new favorite spots in London! This shop is dedicated to chocolate drinks – my sister says it has the best hot chocolate she’s ever tasted, so it must be good! They have different percents of chocolate and mix-ins that you can add to your drink.

Middle Eastern Platter from @platterie_

We ordered this amazing halal platter for a family gathering from @platterie_ which looked and tasted amazing!

Notting Hill Market

We spent a weekend morning at Notting Hill Market, looking around different stalls and grabbing a bite to eat. I found the coolest old map to go up in my dorm room next semester!

Took the Tube Everywhere

I love taking the tube when I’m in London, it’s so convenient and good for the environment – and also, I can’t drive so this is my main way to get around.

Riding House Cafe for The Best Pancakes

In my opinion, you can find the best pancakes in the whole of London at the Riding House Cafe, as well as other great breakfast food.

Strolls Around Marylebone

Marylebone is one of my favorite neighborhoods in London. There are a bunch of great shops and cafes, and on Sundays, there’s a great farmer’s market which we love going to.

Birthday Breakfast at Eggbreak

To celebrate my nineteenth birthday, we went for a cute breakfast at Eggbreak in Notting Hill! They have a really great menu, and of course, just being in Notting Hill makes everything 10 times better.

Duke of York Square Food Market

My friend and I stopped by the Duke of York Market in Chelsea, which has a bunch of different food stands. They have everything from crepes and sushi to pizza and mini pancakes.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed seeing some photos of what I got up to this summer. It was a pretty chill few weeks in London that just flew by! I was working remotely this summer, so it was great to be able to be more flexible and explore the city whenever I wanted to. What else would you recommend in London? Comment below!

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