Introducing the new Wildflower Studios Collection!


August 16, 2021

If you’re new here, you might not know that I have my own store – Wildflower Studios! It’s a small business on Etsy where I sell custom illustrations and digital prints. I taught myself how to illustrate over lockdown last year and have thoroughly enjoyed creating artwork ever since! I love creating custom illustrations where people send me their own photos and I can bring their vision to life; I’ve done custom Christmas cards, family photos, and even artwork that plays music when you scan it! However, I wanted to create a new readymade prints collection for you guys. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the abstract and bold colored trends at the moment and wanted to draw on this inspiration for the new collection. I was also in the process of getting together decorations for my new dorm room and spent a lot of time thinking about what the perfect print would look like in my eyes.

The 2021 Wildflower Studios Collection draws on all of this inspiration and includes 4 pairs of prints, each of them are priced at £2 each (without taxes). They’re all prints that I would put up in my own room and I really enjoyed creating them! The prints are digital items, so once you purchase them at my store, they are delivered to your email address in seconds. You can print them out at home or send them to your local print store and have them ready to go up as soon as you’d like!

Now, let me walk you through the new collection!

The Matisse Inspired Vibrant Shapes Pair

The Abstract Colorful Shapes Pair

The Bloom and Blossom Pair

Matisse Inspired Coral Pair

Like I said, all of these print pairs are £2 each, and you can shop them here! Head over to the site now to shop yours and decorate your dorm room or living space.

See you next week,

Image mockup attributions link 1, link 2

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