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This week’s post is the February edition of my Expat Wisdom Project! If you’re new here, each month I share the story and advice of one amazing expat in the hope to build a strong and supportive online community of global expats. This week I got the chance to share Vix’s story – she has moved a lot which means she definitely has a tonne of great advice to share!


This week’s post is another in my Expat Wisdom series. If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that each month I share the story of one expat in the hope of building a close-knit online community. This month I’m sharing the story of Jess, a Canadian expat living in Poland; read on for some of her expat wisdom!


This week I’m excited to share another post in the Expat Wisdom series with you! If you’re familiar with my site, you’ll know that each month I share the story of a fellow expat and get them to share a little for their ‘expat wisdom’ with this community. It’s like having a little advice-sharing family online. 

This month’s contributor is Rachael Lynn, a fellow expat living in Dubai who has previously lived in NYC and Toronto. She just released her very own book, At Home Anywhere, which I’m looking forward to reading soon! If you enjoy this post (which I certainly did) you should grab a copy of her book.

Having been an expat for over five years now, I still find it interesting to read other people’s advice and reflect on how it could have changed my experiences. There are some great tidbits of advice in Rachael’s post, that I will use the next time I move. I hope you enjoy the post!


This week I have another Expat Wisdom post to share with you, and I have to say, it’s one of the most insightful ones that I’ve shared. If you don’t already know, the Expat Wisdom project is something I set up to share the stories of you guys: other expats around the world who have something valuable to say. Each month I invite a fellow expat to share their story and advice on this platform. This month I was lucky enough to have Cate from Incheon and Beyond write for me and share her story. Her writing is truly amazing, and she shares some very useful wellness tips as well. I hope you enjoy reading what she has to say as much as I did!
“Well being: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”

The late July humidity was expected but instantly concerning. Sweat stung our eyes as the automated glass doors of the Incheon International Airport closed behind my then boyfriend and I, the pace of these doors glacial, their glass faces fogging at the intersection of an air-conditioned terminal and the unforgiving Korean heat. Our clothes were a new level of damp. Any rational or coherent thought our jet-lagged brains attempted had already evaporated. Left in their exhausted wake were the hollows (at that point, crevasses) of other thoughts that once took up space: what’s going to help get us through this? What is perseverance? What is going on, team?


This week’s post is another one in the Expat Wisdom series! I started this project on my blog to share out expat stories from this global community, and this week I’m excited to share the story of a fellow expat living in Dubai. I hope you enjoy reading the story of Navine, from CoffeeWithanExpat!


This weeks blog post is another one under the Expat Wisdom Series. If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a while, you’ll know that every month I share the story of you guys! This month I’ve been working with Paula from TCK Mum Blog to share her expat story and her advice for moving abroad. In previous Expat Wisdom posts we’ve read about making new friends, finding a job, and this month Paula has shared her tips on how to go house hunting in a new place. I hope you enjoy this post!