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Sand dunes in neutral colors with a setting sun

None of us are perfect. I try my best to live a sustainable lifestyle, I educate myself on environmental issues, and I share my tips and advice on this blog – however, there’s room for environmental improvement in everyone’s lifestyles. It can seem daunting to know where to start; there are so many different realms of what it means to live an environmentally–friendly life, do I go vegan? do I go waste-free? do I subscribe to an environmental magazine to keep updated on current events? Everyone will choose something different because we all have unique interests and capabilities, but I thought it would be useful to share my top 10 free resources for living a more eco-conscious life.


I was brainstorming ideas on how to make sustainability accessible to you guys in a fun way, not something you see all the time, and it hit me! Why don’t I link sustainability to something I already write about a lot: travel! My travel posts are some of my most popular posts, and while I won’t pretend to be a perfect human, whenever I’m on a trip I always make a conscious effort to make environmentally cautious decisions. I know as well as you guys that it can be really hard to be sustainable while on vacation, you’re not in your home and you don’t have access to the resources that you usually do, but that is why I want to create these travel guides for you: to make sustainable travel a little more accessible.


Something I love about being an expat is the global community we have. We can hear and connect with people from all across the world, which I think is extremely important! I believe that with this privilege, comes responsibility; a responsibility to speak up about what we believe in and spread awareness about important issues.


I just spent the past few days at Abu Dhabi Sustainability week and I’ve come back very INSPIRED. Sustainability has always been something I’ve been very passionate about, but I feel like it’s extremely vital that we take action right now, otherwise nothing is ever going to change! As part of the younger generation I […]