Sustainability: why it’s important


January 19, 2019

I just spent the past few days at Abu Dhabi Sustainability week and I’ve come back very INSPIRED. Sustainability has always been something I’ve been very passionate about, but I feel like it’s extremely vital that we take action right now, otherwise nothing is ever going to change! As part of the younger generation I feel as though it’s up to us to be change makers and to speak up and inspire others to do the same, because if we all do our part, we can help the environment a lot. It was amazing to meet with other teenagers from around the world and hear about how they use their innovative spirits to help our world, and it made me inspired to do the same. It was nice to get out of my privileged life and experience something bigger than myself, to be around others who think the same way as me and hear about ways in which they’re helping the environment. Honestly, it just puts everything in perspective, when I worry about my high school problems, I realize how insignificant they are compared to what’s really going on in the world. It’s heartwarming to see so many people working towards the same goal: environmental protection! And I want to inspire you guys to do the same! So here are some easy ways to support the environment in your everyday life:

Get a reusable water bottle: This is such a simple way to be more sustainable! By getting a reusable water bottle you’re stopping yourself from using so much plastic. Also, it’s way better for your health and it inspires you to drink more water! Personally, I bring my water bottle on holidays with me, and pretty much everywhere I go if I know I’ll be out for a while.

Bring your own plastic bags to the supermarket: This is also another easy way to cut down on plastic usage! Just remember to bring your own plastic bags to the supermarket instead of using the disposable plastic ones.

Save water and energy: When you don’t need lights, don’t use them! Or when you don’t need the air conditioning don’t use it! Also, try not to waste water when you’re brushing your teeth etc… These are really easy things to do, and not only are you helping the environment, but you’re also cutting down your water and electricity bills!

Say no to plastic cutlery: This one is really easy to implement. When you’re getting a takeout just ask them not to include plastic cutlery in your order (as most of the time you don’t even need this if you’re eating at home) and it’s just a waste of plastic that goes into landfills.

Don’t use plastic straws: This is another tip that is really simple to do, you could buy reusable straws made from metal (which is what I have) or just don’t ask for a straw when you’re out. It’s something really simple to cut down on and is great for the environment!

Use your voice: We all have a voice, and a way to speak out! Be a change maker who inspires others to do the same. Let your actions be positive ones, and others will follow in your path.

I hope that these tips are useful to you and that you start implementing them in your daily lives! If you can think of any other easy tips to be more sustainable let me know in the comments section and we can learn from each other.

Make sustainable choices and see you next week!

Little Miss Expat

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  1. We have begun using cloth and recycled shopping bags and not using straws when we are out Every bit helps!

  2. I love this post on sustainability! These are all easy, practical steps we can take to help our planet. My husband is from England and as a country they are working to put many of these steps into action.

  3. Good for you!!!!! Reducing our carbon footprint 👣 is a decision and must be deliberate – but it’s worth it!!!! Great testimony from you

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