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January 26, 2019

As some of you will know I spent the majority of my Winter Break in Australia! I traveled to Melbourne and Sydney, but Byron Bay was by far my favorite. I’m a sun lover and I dream of living by the ocean, but what made this place even more special was the AMAZING food and nature that surrounded this town. It’s something I don’t get to experience a lot, having lived in big cities my whole life, and it was a breath of fresh air. Being in Byron was like a step back from the life I’m used to, everyone seemed to laid back and the lifestyle was just so relaxing and fluid. One of my favorite days I spent in Byron Bay was at Folk.


Folk is a cafe on a patch of land surrounded by nature, and it’s heaven on earth. It’s a caravan type building where you can order your food and take a seat in their quaint little garden. I’m not used to this kind of thing, so as a typical tourist, I found it intriguing. And let me tell you, it looks like a small side of the road cafe, but the food that comes out of there is soooo good. (just writing about it makes me crave it) The beautiful location adds to the tranquility of the cafe, and with good food in your mouth and the sun on your back you can’t help but feel like everything is perfect.


I LOVE restaurants and cafes with lots of different juices, smoothies, and health lattes to try out, and Folk did not disappoint. I think I sipped on all my familys’ drinks, but as usual, I stuck to my signature matcha latte, which they had sprinkled dried rose petals over. I don’t know what I was expecting the food to be like, but it exceeded all of my expectations! The dishes are not like the boring regular breakfast dishes you would find in any other place. I had a bowl full of hummus, dips, avocado, poached eggs, and some rice filled with spices and it tasted insane. I liked how their food was different and exciting, but still tasted amazing (and it was presented so beautifully, an added bonus!)


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I would highly recommend this breakfast spot for anyone in the area, and would even go as far as to call it the best breakfast place I ate at during my whole trip to Australia! (and I ate a lot of good food, so that’s saying something…) Let me know if you’ve ever been to Folk, and what your Byron Bay recommendations are (as I’m sure I’ll find my way back there soon)

See you next week,

Little Miss Expat

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