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February 23, 2019

This winter was my first visit to Byron Bay, and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be my last! I loved spending each day waking up early, walking down to the beach, and eating so much delicious food at the local cafes. Before I got to visit Byron Bay, I had seen so many bloggers on Instagram visit this place and eat some great looking food. So by the time I actually visited Byron Bay, I had an extremely long list of all the places I wanted to try. As you know, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. So here are my top breakfast spots in Byron Bay! I hope you enjoy seeing photos of the food as much as I loved eating it!

Three Blue Ducks

This was the first breakfast place we visited and it did not disappoint. Three Blue Ducks is located in the middle of a farm, and its menu is packed full of fresh local produce. It’s a popular spot and gets busy quite quickly, so I’d recommend getting there early to avoid a wait.



I already wrote a whole blog post about this cafe because I loved it so much! The food, ambiance, and location were just a perfect blend, and quite different from most of the places I’ve visited. Their menu is also very unique, and worth the trip just to try one of their interesting dishes.


Bayleaf Cafe

One thing I loved about all the cafes I visited in Byron was that they each had their own take on the usual breakfast dishes. Sometimes it can get boring when you’re traveling as you end up eating variations of the same food every day for breakfast. But each spot I visited had something different and special going on for them. I don’t remember the exact name of what I got at Bayleaf Cafe, but it was a variety of roasted vegetables on a flatbread and it tasted sooo good.


These are my three top breakfast cafes in Byron Bay! Let me know if you’ve tried any of them, and which ones you recommend for next time I visit!

See you next week,

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