The Australian Cafe Experience


June 1, 2019

Some of my most favorite posts to write on this blog are my travel posts. I love being able to share the interesting places I’m able to visit and give my recommendations to you guys. In return, I also enjoy hearing your recommendations for any new place I’m visiting! In this post, I wanted to share one of my favorite breakfast cafes from my trip to Australia.

Before visiting Australia, I spent months pouring over blogs and magazines looking for the best places to visit. I noticed that most people wrote about breakfast cafes and brunch spots, as that seemed to be part of the ‘Australian way of life.’ I wasn’t complaining about this, because breakfast is the best meal of the day in my opinion and I was super excited to try all these cafes! On our first morning in Melbourne we headed over to The Kettle Black, and after a long flight and some serious jet lag, the breakfast there was just what we needed. We had it all from iced chocolate, chia pudding, and chili scrambled eggs, to some of the best ricotta hotcakes I’ve ever had. The cafe was very bright and cheerful, and the food was delicious, I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone visiting Melbourne.


Where’s your favorite place to eat breakfast? Let me know in the comments!

Little Miss Expat

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