Authentic Vietnamese food in Dubai


February 29, 2020

A lot of people think Dubai is all about the glitz & the glamour, the five-star hotels, and the crazy expensive restaurants, but they could not be more wrong! If you look hard enough you can find some real gems which are both authentic and affordable. In fact, one of the things that I’ll miss the most about Dubai when I move away next year is the food scene; I love trying out different cuisines and stumbling across restaurants that are real hidden gems. In this post, I want to share one of those recent gems with you – Vietnamese Foodies.

Vietnamese Foodies is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant located in JLT. You can dine outside with the view of the lake and skyscrapers which is beautiful in the evening. I have to admit, I hadn’t tried much Vietnamese cuisine before, but this restaurant made me determined to have more of it! I love the nuanced flavors of their food and I tried dishes that I don’t usually have such as traditional pho. The service was fast and polite; I would definitely recommend!


Let me know if you’ve tried or plan to try this restaurant and what you think!

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