5 online resources to make WFH more bearable


April 18, 2021

I’ve been pretty much studying from home for over a year now. I have the occasional study session at a cafe, but most of my days are spent at my desk in my room – it does get a bit boring! There are some benefits to working from home, but personally some days I find it difficult to stay motivated or focused when I’m in the same environment day after day. That’s why in this post I wanted to share 5 FREE online resources that can help you stay productive and motivated while working from home. These are all fun little tools that I’ve discovered during this time!

I Miss My Cafe

This is such a genius creation! I know one of the things I miss about being around other people when I’m studying is just that constant background noise. This website gives you a ‘virtual cafe’ where you can pick the sounds around you and adjust their intensity. For example, I love creating a rainy day with someone preparing drinks in the background – in fact, that’s what I’m listening to as I write this post! They also have a link to a Spotify playlist on there as if you’re in a real cafe with music playing.

Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro Technique is a study technique where you work for 25 minute sessions and between each one you have a 5 minute break, and after 4 ‘pomodoros’ you take a 15-30 minute break. I personally don’t use this technique religiously, but I know a lot of people who do and who swear by it! This resource is a pomodoro timer to help you, it has all the timings programmed in so all you have to do it set it and start working!

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

Taking good breaks is a big part of staying productive! This is a cool site to remind you to take breaks. I don’t know about you, but in my breaks I’ll often stray to doing something else like checking my emails or looking over an assignment. This website starts a 2 minute timer and everytime your mouse moves or you use your keyboard the timer starts again, to ensure you take a proper break! The website also has very calming wave sounds to help you relax during your break.

Online Background Noises

This is such an awesome site for generating background noise! You can pick and choose from a huge variety of noises such as rivers or streams, rain, birds, a campfire, or even a summer night – I love the variety and that you can pick and choose. These noises kind of give you the illusion of being somewhere else and fill that echoing silence!


Would it really be a productivity post if I didn’t mention my favorite productivity app? I’ve written about Notion a bunch of times, but it’s seriously amazing at helping you keep track of everything! I use it everyday to make interactive to-do lists, keep track of my upcoming assignments, and plan out my weeks.

There you go! 5 of my top websites/apps to help you stay productive and add a little ‘spice’ to your WFH life! Let me know if you check any of them out or if you’d recommend anything different in the comments

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