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The reason I wanted to share this interview was to hopefully inspire all of you to take environmental issues into consideration regardless of your interests, lifestyle, or experience. I love hearing real innovative stories like this one, and it leaves me motivated to work even harder for these issues I believe in! It’s a great opportunity to hear from a company like Evolve Organic Beauty first hand! I am also giving away one of their Organic Skincare Bestsellers Gift Set at the end of this post so stick around to learn how you can win it.


This week’s post is another in my Expat Wisdom series. If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that each month I share the story of one expat in the hope of building a close-knit online community. This month I’m sharing the story of Jess, a Canadian expat living in Poland; read on for some of her expat wisdom!


It’s not often that I get time to explore the country I live in, the UAE, and even when I do, I usually visit restaurants or attractions within the city. However, this week when I had a few days off school I knew I had to spend them exploring something out in the desert.

I had read about the ‘ghost village’ or ‘abandoned town’ in Al Madam and I was curious to see it myself. So my family and I got in the car, drove up to Sharjah, and decided to search for this ghost village.


I wanted to create an online space where people can write about a life experience that impacted them, and share their advice with others from all across the world. An online community where we can reach people from all seven continents, and hear about each others own unique experiences and how we made it through them. It’s called the #ExpatWisdom Project, and it’s going to be amazing!