What I use to stay organized!


December 5, 2020

On this blog I’ve written about how I stay organized many times, but today I wanted to quickly share some of my favorite products that help me stay organized and I have a special discount for you, so be sure to stick around until the end of this post!

How do I stay organized?

I am very much what you’d call a Type A organizational freak, and I happily accept it! I like to have everything written out on a to-do list and a calendar where I can see everything going on that month.

As you may know, I’m currently a student at Georgetown University and alongside that I run this blog and my store! I have different systems that keep me organized for these different categories and I’m excited to share them with you today!

What Products do I use?

To keep organized I mainly use 2 products. The first is the app Notion and the second is my planner from The Inspired Stories! I wrote about Notion a while back and did a full tutorial here. I showed you how to create an interactive to-do list and a class page with a syllabus and assignment schedule. I like using Notion to house all the information that I need to access regularly, for example, class syllabi or a list of the assigned readings – basically all the information that I need to keep handy, but that takes too long to copy down onto paper! I mostly use Notion to organize everything I have to get done for school and house all that information.

To keep track of everything in my every-day life I use my planner from The Inspired Stories. I used their planner in 2020 and I’ve already purchased mine for 2021! I really like their planners because they have a space for each day where I can make a to-do list and do a little reflection of the day. They have lots of different styles depending on what you format you like, and a bunch of different colors and designs. If you’re looking to get a planner that is practical and cute this is definitely your best bet! They’re offering free UK shipping for over £50, and the last day to order if you’re in the UK is December 18th. If you’re in the Middle East, the last day to order to get your planner over the holidays is December 6th. I have a 10% discount code for you to use on any of your purchases, excluding sale items: ‘LittleMissExpat10’

Let me know what products you use to keep organized!

See you next week,

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