Week In the Life – Junior Year @ Georgetown


March 27, 2023

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so I felt like it was about time to overshare my weekly schedule with you once again! I love watching week in the life videos on YouTube or following along on people’s social media, so I figured it’s fun to make that trend into a blog post style format.

I’ve done week in the life posts over my time at Georgetown, I did two in Freshmen year (here and here) and two in my Sophomore year (here and here), and now finally this one in the second semester of my Junior year.

I think you’ll find some differences in this post and previous years. This year is just a lot more settled than years past and I feel as though I’ve found my right balance. I’m living in an apartment this year, so pretty much whenever you see a meal on my daily schedule, I’m cooking that at home; I find cooking really relaxing so that also doubles as having a meal but also taking some time to myself and relaxing.

I am very much a creature of habit, so you’ll see I usually wake up and sleep at the same time every day; obviously this changes a little if I have something else going on but for the most part I’m pretty regular! I’ve also given a rough outline of the different things I do in a week, but obviously those change a little too every week; for example just this past weekend I was away with my family in NC so obviously my weekend did not look exactly like the one in this post and my Monday and Tuesday will likely be a lot more packed with school work and catching up. Also, there will usually be random meetings and info sessions that will pop up, so the scheduled “study/homework” time usually isn’t just those long blocks of un-interrupted time but more like chunks of time I set aside to do academic related work.

I also have an on campus research job which I’ve had for two years now which allows me to work remotely, so on some days when I have work time I’ll actually just be doing work for that instead of my school work. And also… it may look like I’m a boring person and all I do is study and work and make sure I eat and workout. In reality that’s not the case! It’s hard to accurately represent social plans with friends in a post like this because they do change week to week. However, in general I do keep Friday and Saturday evenings to hang out with friends but I also do more spontaneous things, for example if we’re having really good weather I’ll often go sit outside on Georgetown’s front lawn with friends and chill for a bit.

And with all this being said, this is just a rough outline of what a week looks like because of course it’s flexible! Some weeks I won’t have any big assignments to worry about and other week’s I’ll be drowning in exams and projects so the time I take for myself to be social and do things like workout shrink to much smaller. This is what’s working for me this semester, so I hope you enjoy taking a look!

Sundays are meant to be a restful day but for me I find that they’re usually my most jam-packed day. I’m normally trying to finish up studying in the morning, but on the weekends I treat myself and study at my favorite coffee shop, before jumping into errands like grocery shopping and doing my chores. I normally spend the bulk of my afternoon doing meetings for the student consulting club I’m a part of which takes up a lot of time! Within the club, my role is to teach our new cohort of students each semester so it’s a very intensive afternoon. I usually finish all this up and have a little bit of homework to finish up before winding down and hopefully getting an earlier night!

Mondays are my busy day and to be honest I don’t like them that much this semester. I have three classes and I usually finish those feeling exhausted and have to drag myself to a workout class. I always feel as though I’m not as productive on Mondays because I don’t have much time to study but I have to remind myself it’s because I have lots of class hours on these days and those are all classes where participation matters!

Tuesdays are a more chill day and usually when I have a lot more time to get a head start on my work for later in the week. I study with friends on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays and honestly it’s one of the highlights of my week – makes the studying feel more fun! I usually schedule in any random meetings or office hours or errands on Tuesdays too since time is more flexible.

Wednesdays are pretty much the same as Mondays except for the fact that we’re mid-way into the week so they feel a little better! And Thursdays are sort of a weird day, I have a big chunk of time in the morning where I’m normally preparing for my two and a half hour seminar class that afternoon. I love that class but it’s in a windowless basement and for some reason Thursdays always seem to be the days that we have random sunny warm days here in DC… so there’s that.

Fridays are also a strange day because the weekend has pretty much started because I don’t have class then but there’s lots of random bits and pieces to fit together on these days like office hours, laundry, random calls etc. But I usually don’t work into the evening and take time to do something fun! Same with Saturday, I like to get a ton of studying done in the morning and take some more time to myself in the evenings depending on the week.

And there you go, that’s a week in my life at Georgetown University! It looks like it’s intense all scheduled in like this, but it works for me! Being a student and staying on top of work while doing all the other “adulting” things like cooking, cleaning, running errands, and taking care of myself by being social and working out ends up being quite a lot but I enjoy it! I’m really enjoying my time here at Georgetown and I hope you liked seeing what a week looked like!

See you next week,

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