A week in my life as an international college student during the pandemic!


October 16, 2020

I’ve been super excited to record a week in my life and share this post with you! This is quite different to the type posts that I usually publish on my blog, but when I asked on some Instagram polls, 100% of people said they were interested in learning about my international student life. So let’s see how this post goes! I’m thinking about transitioning my blog into a more casual space where I share posts like this, instead of solely informational posts – let me know what you think!

In this post I’m going to take you through a productive week in my life. Incase you’re new here, I’m a freshman at Georgetown University, but because of the pandemic I’m spending my first semester at home in Dubai with an 8 hours (soon to be 9 hours) time difference taking classes via Zoom. I’m still attempting to work out my routine with my crazy time difference and I’m trying to get adjusted to the college life. My weekly routine will probably look different later on in the semester, so if you like this type of post, I’ll be sure to make another week in my life for later on in the semester.

I recorded this post in the week leading up to midterms, so it was quite a busy and productive week in my life! As I said, I’m still trying to find a routine and settle into it, but this is what a typical week in my life looks like at the moment. I’ve included the timings of my activities in both GST (where I am right now) and EST (the time zone that my university is in) so you can get a better picture of how I organize my days!

Also, before I get onto sharing my week, I want to make clear that all activities in this post are within the Covid-19 guidelines of Dubai. I was sticking to all the rules and recommendations and was wearing a mask in public at all times. Onto the post!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what a week as my life as an international student during the pandemic looks like! If you liked this kind of post be sure to leave a comment or follow me on Instagram (@little.miss.expat). I might record a single day of my life soon and go into more detail about the activities that I did! I also have plans to share a weekend in my life to show you what I do to de-stress and have fun while at home and in college. Let me know if you’d be interested in this!

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See you next week,

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